Frohmann, Nora

untitled / 2015

wallwork, 250 x 400 cm
stamped wallpaper, 3 framed colour photographs


untitled / 2014

metal, lacquer, hemp, pigment, film
130 x 100 x 100 cm


untitled / 2014

hemp rope, plaster
7 x 250 x 100 cm

untitled / 2013


untitled / 2013

HD-Video with sound, 03:54 min

It’s a video-performance showing (changing) power-relations, collaboration and passion.

untitled / 2013

colour and b/w prints, dimensions variable

This work is composed of a selection of numerous analogue colour photographs I have taken since 2006 in different places. It’s a contribution to „GAPFILLER“, a project that tries to revive vacant sites in the city after two heavy earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand. Me and Sabine Schmid see it as an easy accessible possibility of getting in touch with an artwork. We leave the installation exposed to weather and people.

installation view, Christchurch; NL

ongoing series of woodcuts / 2012

woodcut, dimensions variable

In this work I transfer a phenomenon I got to know when I came to Leipzig into the printing technique of woodcut: the imprints of torn-down houses on the walls of their still existing neighbour buildings. I give the disappeared buildings a two-dimensional presence whereas I cut the standing ones out of the wood and only show their silhouettes. These series can be read as an investigation of city development, as a combination of forms or a kind of typology.

untitled / 2011

digital prints
each 18,5 cx 13 cm

exhibition at the Goethe Institute Lyon December 14 – 23

untitled / 2010 – 2011

coloured plaster
each diameter 20,0 cm, height 4,0 cm
These two objects discuss the social construction of gender. By using such strong defined colours and by following the prints of babyfeet and -hands I refer to the big part that education plays in this.



video performance, about 6 min.

The video shows me carving the sentence “handle with care!” on my torso. The self injury illustrates that you cause yourself sorrow and that others cause you sorrow, too.
The sentence or rather the demand “handle with care!” expresses a final longing for harmony: as much as you fight in the end you want to be treated carefully.



menstrual blood on paper, each 70,0 x 50,0 cm

For my drippings I used menstrual blood as painting material. This usually negatively connoted body secretion is part of an aesthetic entirety and is elevated in this way. Similar to Pollocks skipping gestures I moved above the paper. In my case the colour didn’t drip out of a can or drip off a brush but directly out of my body. I see this work within a male dominated art history.


4 c-prints on aludibond, each 33,0 x 50,0 cm

At my birth my mother thought she gave birth to a monkey because I was so hairy. Here I present the remains in an embellishing way although body hair doesn’t correspond to the contemporary, local ideal of beauty.


Mini-DV, about 5 min.

A gigantic space made of solid concrete, split in its middle. And I follow this wound.

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untitled / 2009


* 1984 in Munich


Exhibitions and screenings (selection)

2015 Spontaneous frameworks, Kunstverein, Leipzig
2015 2.5.0. – Object is Meditation and Poetry, Grassi-Museum, Leipzig
2014 “Mein eigen Fleisch und Mut”, Alte Metzgerei, Berlin
2014 “EXPANDER”, F14 – Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Dresden
2014 contribution to Videorama, Halle (Saale)
2013 “drei, drei, drei, bei Issos Keilerei“, Galerie erstererster, Berlin
2013 “Intimate”, Galerie EIGEN + ART, Leipzig
2013 contributions to CAMP/1 – Festival for artistic film and Performance, Halle
2013 “Photographs by Nora Frohmann (2006–2012)”, contribution to “Gapfiller”,  Christchurch, New Zealand
2012 contribution to “Dildo.Anus.Power: Queer Abstraction”, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
2012 “ZOOM”, HGB Leipzig
2012 “STURMFREI – 4 ladi*es, 2 cities, 1 exhibition”, Wolfgang-Heinze-Str. 12a, Leipzig
2011 “You’ll be older too”, Aspekte Galerie, Munich
2011 “Raumverschiebungen”, HGB Leipzig
2011 contribution to “Cartes Postales D’Artistes”, Goethe-Institut Lyon
2010 contribution to “Nacht des radikalen Films”, Schaubühne Lindenfels, Leipzig
2010 “Aus Weibeskräften”, Gartenhaus der Kunst, Munich
2010 “frn knst gndr”, Die Färberei, Munich
2010 “Rendezvous am Wegesrand”, SpecOps, Münster
2009 Final show of the videoclass VALIE EXPORT at the Summer Academy Traunkirchen
2009 Presentation of the stipendiaries of the Summeracademy Traunkirchen, Landesgalerie Linz am Oberösterreichischen Landesmuseum
2008 beam me up, Haus der Gegenwart, Munich