100 m in zehn-zwei

Dabei liefen sie die 100 m in zehn-zwei / 2007

Oder: Der RundGang, der RundeTisch und die Tafel_Runde

A short success story about the strategies of failure and success.

There are open days (Rundgänge) in the Leipzig Academy of Art every year, which cyclically repeat at the end of the winter term in february. During the Rundgang the school opens its gates to the exterior world and shows what is produced in its interior. It is based on a huge exhibitions spectacle, in which each student has the chance to show his own works, and every class has the opportunity to present itself. Loud and full, the Rundgang develops unmoderated, like a concert, that is only partially led by non-communicating conductors.

Themes like “Brühl development” (Sarah Linke), “Everyone should wear make-up” (Judith Evelin Eschelor), “Rape cultivation as a chance for East Germany” (Reiko Kammer), “Traveling in the Middle East” (Nahla Küsel) were proposed. All elements and necessary components of the action were designed in detail: the spatial installation, the clothes of the participants, the form of conversation, timing and dramaturgy of the happening, communication of the action. The performative acts were to be accentuated through the minimal “appearance”  of the entire installation.

In the end – successfully staged and performatively failed – remains the round table: as the only witness to a discourse that took place, as a proposal for possible utopian communication strategies, and with it the space as an oasis in the yearly loud and full Rundgang-spectacle. Only the knights are missing and … Arthur of course, and … the Holy Grail, the conversations were conducted behind closed doors.


Thanks to: Dagmar Varady, Mirko Lehmberg and all who supported the project and publication.
Concept and realisation of the spatial installation: Stefan Hurtig, Susanne Kaiser, Reiko Kammer, Nahla Küsel, Sarah Linke, Cindy Schmiedichen, Juli Sing.
Construction: Luise Hennig, Stefan Hurtig, Susanne Kaiser, Reiko Kammer, Nahla Küsel, Sarah Linke, Nadine Neuhäuser, Cindy Schmiedichen, Juli Sing, Nadine Neuhäuser, Angelika Barbara Waniek, Carolin Weinert.
Preparation of the lectures: Judith Evelin Eschelor, Luise Hennig, Reiko Kammer, Nahla Küsel, Sarah Linke.
Graphic design of the project’s communications material: Juli Sing
Photographic documentation: Juli Sing und Alba D’Urbano.
Many thanks to Messe Leipzig and Expofair GmbH, Niederlassung Leipzig For the sponsoring of the conference tables and carpets.