We are the passenger

we are the passenger

Within the context of the series of exhibitions “Professoren und ihre Schüler / Professors and their Students” of the Neuen Kunstvereins Aschaffenburg, the site specific varying exhibition “Whoami” from Alba D’Urbano was since 2003 newly re-designed and integrated works from some of her own students.

The altogether 15 exhibited positions reflected on intermedially and socially relevant themes, particularly the analysis between body and media, as well as the change in presentational forms within the art system.

The displayed works encompass video and computer installations, performances, and objects such as photographs, computer printouts and internet works. They are expressed in both site specific, fleeting occasions as well as in installations, in the immaterial space of the computer, and as sculptural objects. The direct and medial experience of the outside world, virtuality, and informations society, exhibition space and practices, identity, body and  technology, as well as surveillance and memory build the thematic cornerstones of the project. An important aspect hereby is that the utilised media are not blindly and sensationally used, rather are critically questioned in terms of expectations and reality.

As a continuation of the collaboration between Alba D’Urbano and the young artists, „we are the passengers“ crystallises itself as an independent exhibition project, which not only explores intermedial and interdisciplinary continually actual social questions, rather equally operates on a situational level, depending on the given exhibition space.

Photos taken by Wolfgang Claus and Jill Müßig

Participating Artists