Call for donations: "Umverteilen" for HGB students

Not only the economic and social situation is very precarious for the refugee guest and AtA students from Ukraine and other war and crisis zones who have made it here to the HGB. HGB students of all programmes are experiencing financial difficulties due to inflation and increased energy and material prices. And the energy flat rate long announced by the federal government is still a long time coming. For many of them, the monthly budget is no longer sufficient to purchase the increasingly expensive materials they urgently need for their studies at the HGB, let alone for the realisation of exhibition or publication projects. In the meantime, the prices for wood, for example, for stretcher frames and brushes, have doubled, the prices for acrylic glass have tripled.
This is where we can help! As part of the project "RESTRUCTURING - FROM THOSE WHO HAVE TO THOSE WHO NEED", we are therefore asking you again today for your commitment to support the (art and design) students at the HGB who are particularly affected. We ask all those who can afford it to pay their donation with the subject "Umverteilen" to the following account of the Friends of the HGB:
Stadt und Kreissparkasse Leipzig
IBAN DE32 8605 5592 1090 0390 73
We will also be happy to issue a tax-deductible donation receipt.