Re-Launch: Show and Try Again

Re-Launch: Show and Try Again
Digital publication for the postgraduate programme Cultures of the Curatorial's anniversary

The Show and Try Again website is the publication of the Cultures of the Curatorial programme's anniversary project – consisting of a symposium and a five-day curatorial event – at the HGB Leipzig. The website contains comprehensive documentation of this project in the form of texts, photos and recordings of the lectures. It also serves as a platform for the diverse research material that the participants in the master's programme developed during the course of the project.

The website, designed Anne Dietzsch and Louis Hay, adds a virtual dimension to the spatial transformations that took place inside and outside of the HGB gallery during the course of Show and Try Again. It extends thinking about the structural conditions of curatorial research into digital space and enables users to adopt their own perspective while exploring the content and reflecting on its framework.