HGB Friends: annual edition 2022 by Prof. Thomas M. Müller

HGB Friends: annual edition 2022 by Prof. Thomas M. Müller
This year's annual edition for members of the HGB Friends was realized by Thomas Matthaeus Müller, professor of illustration and head of the HGB's illustration class since 2007. His fields of work are illustration, posters and graphics. He works mainly for publishing houses and cultural institutions. His clients include Verlag Antje Kunstmann, Verlag Beltz & Gelberg, dtv, INSELbühne Leipzig, euro-scene Leipzig, Macmillan Publishers London, Büchergilde Gutenberg, Edition PEIX, Aladin Verlag, Carl Hanser Verlag, Frankfurter Buchmesse, Hansel & Pretzel London, Sanierungsbehörde Naumburg, Faber & Faber, Moritz Verlag. His works have been shown in numerous exhibitions, e.g. in Warsaw, Moscow, Mexico, Venice, Paris, New York, Padua and Tokyo. Solo exhibitions have taken place in Munich, Frankfurt, Mainz, Leipzig, Berlin, Brandenburg, Havana, Bucharest and Brussels.

This year's annual edition is a silkscreen print with 5 colors (file color-separated):

Looking into the glass, 2022, 40 x 50 cm, screen print in 5 colors.
Is the cat looking too deeply into the glass?
Does it feel unobserved or does it not care what you think of it anyway?
Does it look surprised, curious, amused or skeptical?
Is it even a cat?
Has she already taken a sip?
Is the glass half full or half empty?
Does the drink smell good? Are the contents poisonous?
Who provided the drink? And for whom?

The Freundeskreis der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig e.V. (Friends of the Leipzig Academy of Fine Arts) is a non-profit association that provides special support for raising the profile of the HGB. Membership in the association offers the opportunity to actively participate in shaping the future of the university and to be directly involved in the emergence of new artistic signatures and design attitudes. Together, the circle of friends would like to facilitate synergies between the art-interested circles and integrate the art academy even more intensively into the cultural life of the city of Leipzig and the Free State of Saxony. Thanks to its outstanding graduates, the HGB enjoys an excellent reputation both regionally and internationally. The HGB Circle of Friends not only supports the activities of the university financially, but also contributes the commitment, extensive experience and contacts of its individual members.

Are you interested in becoming a member of the HGB Circle of Friends? You will find all necessary information at www.hgb-leipzig.de/freundeskreis


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