Open Call: Sommerschule Mayres - Letní škola Maříž

19.08 - 29.08.2021 Südböhmen

Open Call: Sommerschule Mayres - Letní škola Maříž
19.08 - 29.08.2021 South Bohemia

Despite the current unfortunate situation we are preparing the second year of the Letní škola Maříž / Sommerschule Mayres and happily invite you to apply for the ‘Residency of Spiritual Experiment and  
Sustainable Practice,’ held from 19.08 - 29.08.2021 in the village of Maříž, Czech Republic.

Over the 10 day residency we will explore modes of collective  perception, individual expression and environmental engagement through a series of workshops in ceramics & clay, sound, and textile &  costume. We will focus on sustainable ways of working with and processing of natural materials through the stages of artistic production. The programme will take you on various excursions and lectures in the fields of of earth pigments, natural dyes, herbology, earth and soil as well as body and movement with an emphasis on the cultural and natural heritage of the surrounding.
The residency is suitable for open minded people of any discipline or nationality with a capacity of 20 places. Workshops and lectures will be conducted in English, although the community consists mainly of German and Czech native speakers.

The project is organised biannually by the non-profit organisation ‘Leštnice’, referring to the tradition of the Summer School Mayres during the 1990s and supported by the Czech-German ‘future fonds’.

In case of interest send your application in an open format via email to: lestnice@gmail.com 
Deadline for applications: 17.5.2021

Further information here: https://www.lestnice.org/open-call