Corona update

After the amendment of the Infection Protection Act by the federal government and with the entry into force of the new Corona Protection Ordinance in the Free State of Saxony, almost all restrictions in relation to the corona pandemic end. From 03.04.22 only basic measures for the protection of particularly endangered groups of people will apply.

  • Thus, the obligation to test at the place of work and study, as well as the obligation to wear a mouth-nose protection (mask) in public buildings will also cease to apply. The Saxon Corona Protection Ordinance only stipulates that masks must be worn in public transport and in health care facilities.

  • The summer semester can start at the HGB on Monday, April 04, in presence and without the obligation to wear a mask. However, if a large group of people will be in an enclosed space for an extended period of time, wearing a mask is recommended. Attention should also continue to be paid to the observance of hygiene measures.

  • Of course, it is still possible to test oneself by means of a rapid test. The necessary tests, up to two per week, can be received at the center as before. Masks will also continue to be handed out at the central office if required.

  • There are no longer any capacity restrictions for the occupancy and use of rooms, or for the use of the central facilities. The advice given above on wearing a mask should be taken into account in this regard.

  • The regulations on the extended use of mobile work (home office), as well as the abolition of core working hours, continue to apply.

Status: 04.04.2022