Corona measures: Gradual opening of the HGB

From Monday, 10.05, presence classes are possible again.
From Monday, 10.05. on, presence teaching can take place in the HGB again. This is possible due to the new opening concept of the HGB incl. test strategy. You can find it at https://box.hgb-leipzig.de/index.php/f/768092 as well as the updated infection and hygiene protection concept. The essential regulations are briefly summarized here:

In addition to the already applicable entry rules for the use of classrooms and studios on the basis of the size of the room, as of Monday, May 10, presence events of teaching may be held in the rooms of the HGB if:
- the applicable safety regulations, such as distance, mask and hygiene are observed.
- all participants have completed a current-day rapid test or self-test with a negative result and have provided credible proof of this.
- a contact follow-up via Corona-Warn-App or mitdenken.sachsen.de/1021889 is carried out electronically or by means of a form analogously when entering the buildings.
- the course is announced in the central office with date and time (so that the admission control can be informed).
In addition, the following applies:
1. a current day negative test is also required for the use of central facilities such as the library and workshops.
2. the credibility or proof of the negative test is given at the entrance when entering the main building at the admission control. In the case of face-to-face events in the Trufanowstraße branch office, proof of this must be provided to the head of the event.
3. guests attending these university events must also present a negative test on the day of the event.
4. persons who have been fully vaccinated against the COVID19 pathogen and have recovered are treated the same as persons who have tested negative.
5. access to the central facilities will continue to be by appointment only. The Rechenzentrum and Administration will remain closed and will only be available by phone or email.
Regarding the test:
1. the State of Saxony allows up to three free PoC antigen rapid tests per week for each citizen ("Bürgertest"). The present concept includes self-tests (" lay quick tests") in addition to the citizen tests. The university provides a maximum of two tests per week for students of the university, provided that they participate in face-to-face courses.
2. the tests can be picked up in the mail room (central office) (Mon. to Fri. 08:00 to 16:30).
About excursions:
Meetings in the city of Leipzig are possible. Excursions to other cities are  problematic, as only alternating classes are allowed with an incidence between 100 and 165. From an incidence above 165, no more classes in presence are allowed. Trips abroad are generally prohibited. As soon as the incidence value falls below 100, excursions within Germany can take place, but the value at the destination is decisive.
Unfortunately, the university remains closed to visitors.

Since November, the BMBF has reinstated the Corona bridging aid for students in pandemic-related distress. Further information on this and other support measures for students can be found here.

Status: 07 May 2021