Audio Guide

The audio guide “left here, right there” joins together two exhibition formats: the permanent exhibition at the Grassi Museum for Applied Arts and the temporary exhibition on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the Academy of Visual Arts. The audio guide draws on the existing exhibition spaces and pathways and connects information, associations, instructions and narrations with each other. The guide was developed by the artist Angelika Waniek in dialogue with curators Alba D`Urbano and Olga Vostretsova, for the tour “From Antiquity to Historicism”. Individual tracks can be loaded and saved in advance from the following website. Or you can join the artist on a poetic tour of the exhibition.
Please note: The audio tracks incorporate the word ‘room’, an Arabic numeral and the names of the artists that are discussed in the room. The room number is identical to that of the Grassi Museum’s guidance system. You can find your bearings by looking at the titles of the texts that are on the walls of each room.
Try the following: Stroll around the rooms with the audio guide. Don’t spread open an umbrella between yourself and the space. Allow the visual aspect to connect with the acoustic and settle like snow falling on a landscape. Go left, go right. The medium of the audio guide is an instrument for showing. What can be made  tangibly visible?
The audio guide is only available in German.

Download audio guide

Intro – in front of the exhibition rooms

Room 1 – Valentina Seidel and Julika Achtzig

Room 3 – Ivana da Vivanco

Room 4 – Susan Winter

Room 5 – Stefan Hurtig

Room 5 – Nora Frohman

Room 7 – Christin Lahr

Room 8 – Raphael Sbrzesny

Room 9 – Ingrid Wildi Merino

Room 9 – Between Past and Future

Room 12 – Sven Johne

Room 14 – Benjamin Dittrich, Maya Schweizer and Doris Ziegler

Room 15 – Tanzen

Room 16 – Franziska Meinert

Room 18 – Chloé Piot

Room 19 – Mathias Hoch, Adelaide Cioni and Chloé Piot

Room 21 – Manu Washaus

Room 22 – Marion Porten and Anna-Lena von Helldorff

Room 23 – Bea Meyer

Room 24 – Franziska Meinert

Room 26 & 27 – Dagmar Varady, Verena Landau and Gottfried Binder

Room 28 – Jana Engel and Thomas Locher

Room 29 – Heidi Specker

Room 30 – Paula Muhr and Katarina Immekus-Cyan

Download audio guide “left here, right there”