Hagen, Helga

Harmony 3.0 / 2019

found&footage video
video/ audio/ coloured/ 16:9/ 05:30 min

Harmony 3.0 is a found&footage video production about the mechanization of relationships. In three chapters the development of machines up to sex robots is presented. The formal picture elements show the process of ever advancing.


Mischwelt / 2018

16 channel video installation
video/ audio/ coloured/ 16:9/ 05:00 min

Mischwelt (mixedworld) is a video installation that extends to 16 different screens with individual videos, which are played in a loop.
It presents a snapshot of the processes of digitization present and their impact on society, with a focus on interpersonal relationships and digital communication.



Exhibitions / Screenings

2019 You ́re not my real sun, Gruppenausstellung, A&O Kunsthalle Leipzig
2018 European Media Art Festival No 31, Osnabrück

2018 Mischwelten, K56 Leipzig

2018 Art Go East Festival, K56 Leipzig

2018 Ahrtkomm2018, Alte Druckerei Sinzig

2018 ZufälligOsten, Recht auf Rasen, K56 Leipzig

2017 Begegnungen, Screening Lateralströmung, Amtshof Hannover

2017 Raumsamkeiten Freiraumfestival, K56 Leipzig

2017 Sonntagskino, K56 Leipzig

2017 Nacktere Nacktheit Gruppenausstellung, K56 Leipzig

2017 b/pathours, K56 Leipzig