Hampe, Lara

An und für sich / 2019

round glass, LED-light, water, glas cube with 3D-laser engravimg

„An und für sich” deals with the question of forms of human relationships at the moment of global
networking and production.

You’re worth it / 2019

Video, 2min 13sec

You are worth it: a phrase often found as an ASMR mantra on the internet is detached from its natural environment. As a sound coming from the car radio it is led ad absurdum.
Link on request: lhampe@hgb-leipzig.de

Tiefenschärfe einer nie betretenen Fläche / 2019

Audiopiece, Installation for sitting
3min 40sek

Text: Lara Hampe, speaker: Caro Mendelski, Production: Klangstatt Stuttgart
Link on request: lhampe@hgb-leipzig.de

Tiefenschärfe einer neu betretenen Fläche / 2019

Interactive installation

The starting point of the installation is the multilayered nature of text in a virtual space. It can be both code or instruction as well as information and image. Thus, a performative act of reading, such as scrolling or clicking, is conditional in digital structures. How can this specific perception process be directed to both the medial-based reading as well as to one’s own corporeality, which has been extended by electronic sensors?

As with a picture puzzle, the observation of text and character moves to image and sound. Image and semantics, properties that are text-inherent, can never be percei- ved at the same time. The installation by Vera Sebert and Lara Hampe deals with this apparent dichotomy and links space and signs in the text body.
First shown at Eclat Festival 2019, Stuttgart. In collaboration with Vera Sebert.

capacity constraints / 2019

Video, looped

That which is not visible is retrieved in the auditory field: the waiting period.
Link on request: lhampe@hgb-leipzig.de

Translation: Emptiness only forms a vacuum where it is merged with axioms, but here there is plenty of room for it to grasp the following:
In collaboration with Vera Sebert..


*1994 in Munich, currently based in Leipzig


You’re not my real sun, A&O Kunsthalle, Leipzig

Tiefenschärfe einer nie betretenen Fläche, Installation with Vera Sebert, Theater
Rampe, Stuttgart
Großes Ä, Ö und Ü plötzlich weg, Exhibition with Vera Sebert, Galerie b, Stuttgart 
 an_archiv, Rundgang HGB Leipzig

Kassler DokFest