Garcia, Veronica

Mi cuerpo es una piscina climatizada / 2020

Digital Druck.
115g Flag fabric. 100 x 180 cm

The re-appropriation of the Witch by feminism is an attempt to do justice to those women of the past, dissidents, researchers, powerful, independent….. Women who in many cases possessed great wisdom and a kind of proto-scientific knowledge. Mi cuerpo es una piscina climatizada uses the figure of the snake -a symbol of primitive matriarchy and evil in Christianity- to represent the different temperature changes that occur during the menstrual cycle and their relationship with fertility

Lipstick / 2019

modelling clay, spray, oil paint

Muschi / 2019

scallop, nail polish, modelling clay, gouache, lacquer, acryl finger nails, slime, plexiglass

The Crocodrile / 2019

Video loop

Ce n’est pas un cahier d’artiste / 2019

Digital Collages

Veronica Garcia is interested in female pleasure and works with objects, symbols and assumed roles that are part of the stereotypes of feminity. In their playful form the objects are characterized by a certain ambivalence. They question the patrialchal view of our society while blurring the canon of fragility, superficiality and empowerment


Metal, caucho, clay, mineral pigment, seeds.

MALAYERBA MKRT is an international guerrilla gardening gang.
We believe our world deserves a rich polyculture, as well as cultural diversity.
We are trying to learn and to change things around us. We are not scared. We are full of joy.

The seedballs for the PALINDROMI exhibition are filled with seeds from wild plants. We like the idea of working for and with them. The unwanted and the invisible ones. The ones growing without permission. Plants that pesticides are for. Those that their names and propierties are forgotten. Those growing in the margins. The witch ones. The old ones. They are beautiful and strong. Wise seeds occupying the fissures.

Al-Ándalus o Barbarie / 2018


“Al-Andalus or Barbarism” evokes the sentence by Rosa Luxemburg “Socialisme ou Barbarie” that gave its name to the French revolutionary collective of the mid-twentieth century. This play on words refers to how Spanish society perceives its Arab past as an otherness. The Arab barbarian that the Catholic kings managed to drive out. On the other hand, the historical period of Al-Andalus (711-1492) was a moment of great splendour in the history of Spain and its cultural legacy is part of the dna of the peninsula. To deny Al-Andalus is in fact to call oneself a barbarian .

SUB / 2017

A production of Audio Experiment in cooperation with Werkstattmacher e.V. And Lofft- das Theather.

SUB is an interdisciplinary event that brings together a concert, a video performance and an installation through the participation of all those present. Together with two musicians and a video artist, the audience enters the fiction of an underwater vehicle and emerges from the darkness of the deep-sea basin to the bright water surface. Musical,visual and spatial components are successively modified and pass through several phases together. Video and music mark the ascent by playing with light, text fragments and timbres, while the audience, equipped with lighting, shapes the installation through arranged changes of position.
CONCEPT+DIRECTION Veronica Garcia and Gwen Kyrg. VIDEO Veronica García. MUSIC Gwen Kyrg, Malte Sieberns. PERFORMANCE Maxie Pfannkuchen.

Glosario neo andalusí / 2017

Publikation, 63 Seiten

A collection of spanish words with arabic origin..



2014 Gruppenausstellung Contranatura, (Lindenow X, Leipzig)
2016 Gruppenausstellung “Star Dreck. Sternenstaub” (Zustandige Behorde, Offspace. Leipzig)
2016 Gruppenausstellung USB-SHUFFLE-SHOW #4 ( Institut fur alles mogliche / Abteilung fur alles andere , Berlin)
2016 Audio Experiment #17, (Galerie KUB, Leipzig)
2016 Audio Experiment #18 (Kruderude, Leipzig)
2016 Audio Experiment #19 (GAPGAP, Leipzig)
2016 Audio Experiment #20 (Westpol A.I.R. Space Leipzig)
2016 INTERSCREENING II Videokunstfestival – (Westpol a.i.r. space, Leipzig)
2016 Gruppenausstellung “A ∩ B” (Galerie KUB, Leipzig)
2017 Gruppenausstellung Wider den Verstand (Galerie KUB, Leipzig)
2017 Transdisciplina #6 (la Caverna, Málaga)
2017 Audio Experiment SUB, (Lofft das Theater, Leipzig)
2017 ID Cultural Memory in the Present, (HGB Galery, Leipzig)