Freund, Clara

Dreams / 2018

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“[…] Letzte Nacht zum Beispiel habe ich geträumt, ich würde auf einem in Magenta getigerten Hund reiten – wenn ich das malen würde, wäre es eine Art von Sonntagsmaler-Surrealismuskitsch […]” – Neo Rauch / Rolling Stone 2010

/ 2018

Different materials
This is art af. Believe it.
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HGB-WC-Spielchen / 2017

Online game
Find the toilets of the HGB by assign the right tag to the right toilet. Tell the world via twitter when you’re on a toilet.
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“Getting drunk isn’t art.” – “Hold my beer!” / 2016 – 2017

Different materials
Join the get-drunk-art-spaces in Leipzig.
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I am sorry.

What about documentation

What’s art? Why we do art? Do we art to take some pictures of it? Write some wot?
Well, i believe that art is for the moment, for the people around me invest some time to look what i’m doing atm. I’m not interested in people clicking around and have a two minutes look to some stuff that wasn’t mean to be a picture or a film or something else. For my work the time is very important, and nearly everything doesn’t work in a frame or in a browser.
So, i am sorry that i can’t appreciate your visit on my page, but showing some pictures will not reflect my work, my art, my way of thinking.
I can only invite you to my facebook-page where you can follow me and where i offer you places. Places you have to invest some of your lifetime to let me share some of my lifetime with you.
Thank you :)
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*1985 in Köln


2017 Sommerfest, HGB Leipzig
2017 ZEIGEN, GFZK Leipzig
2017 Dokumenta 14 (not invited)
2016 Rundgang, HGB Leipzig
2015 NO WORK, kub Leipzig