Freund, Clara

Faust@180° / 2018

It’s a book.

Changing all genders of Goethes Faust to show the absurditiy of the role-models and sterotypes in the book – a big part of our culture.
Nominated for Studienpreis 2018 in Leipzig.

unofficial HGB-Fanshop / 2018

Visit the shop at the “Sommerfest” – 13-7-2018
Different materials

Stuff that every student need.

Visit the fictional shop online!

Not My Art / 2018

Different materials

Enter a museum or gallery or whatever. Find a picture / sculpture / piece of art. Stick a “Not My Art” – label next to it. Take a picture. Take the label back. Go away. Easy
Art-spaces are done to present art. In most cases the art is selected by a curator or somebody else – so its a sort of censorship. I turn it arround, dont wait to be chosen, i chose the art-space by myself and do my stuff
The text not my art is only saying what it said – its no rating. The artwork in the pictures are just a proof that i was really at the place. I dont care what it is or who made it. Its just fitting in the picture.

Dreams / 2018

Curated pictures

“[…] Letzte Nacht zum Beispiel habe ich geträumt, ich würde auf einem in Magenta getigerten Hund reiten – wenn ich das malen würde, wäre es eine Art von Sonntagsmaler-Surrealismuskitsch […]” – Neo Rauch / Rolling Stone 2010

/ 2018

Different materials
This is art af. Believe it.
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HGB-WC-Spielchen / 2017

Online game
Find the toilets of the HGB by assign the right tag to the right toilet. Tell the world via twitter when you’re on a toilet.
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“Getting drunk isn’t art.” – “Hold my beer!” / 2016 – 2017

Different materials
Join the get-drunk-art-spaces in Leipzig.
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I am sorry.

What about documentation

What’s art? Why we do art? Do we art to take some pictures of it? Write some wot?
Well, i believe that art is for the moment, for the people around me invest some time to look what i’m doing atm. I’m not interested in people clicking around and have a two minutes look to some stuff that wasn’t mean to be a picture or a film or something else. For my work the time is very important, and nearly everything doesn’t work in a frame or in a browser.
So, i am sorry that i can’t appreciate your visit on my page, but showing some pictures will not reflect my work, my art, my way of thinking.
I can only invite you to my facebook-page where you can follow me and where i offer you places. Places you have to invest some of your lifetime to let me share some of my lifetime with you.
Thank you 🙂



2019 underground, Leipzig
2019 Yoko Ono Water Project, MdbK, Leipzig
2019 Museo Internazionale Delle Marionette, Palermo

2018 Studienpreisausstellung, HGB, Leipzig
2018 Foresta Urbana, Riso, Palermo
2018 Manifesta12, Palermo
2018 MdbK, Leipzig
2018 Museo Archeologico Regionale Antonino Salinas, Palermo
2018 HGB Rundgang, HGB, Leipzig
2018 Sommerfest, HGB, Leipzig
2018 Spinnereirundgang, Spinnerei, Leipzig
2018 Zusa, Palermo

2017 diese Garderobe, HGB Leipzig