Chain of Fools

Chain of Fools / 2010

Project of the Class for Intermedia, Room 2.23a

In the foreground is not the final work, rather the work on the idea itself, likewise the communicated word, as well as the process and the method of development. We are especially interested in visualising how the transfer of information influences the work of individuals, how the rivers of communication stimulate the system “class” and in which of the sedimented art works an echo of discursive debate can be found.

exhibition view

The abstraction of the communicated ideas and the potential diversity of its execution leave  a lot of blank space for the individuals in terms of realisation, and offer room for thought, understanding and misunderstanding, deviation and variation. “Thoughts” by which associative reactions of individual students assemble together like the links of a chain.



Photos by Sebastian Schröder, Conny Bengsch and the artists

InSalataMista / 2010

Culinary Project of the Class for Intermedia, 2. Floor East-Wing

Concept & Coordination: Julia Krause, Marlene Morgenstern, Franziska Jyrch

The InSalataMista-Project was sponsored by Biomare (Organic shop) and by Mangiare (Italian food store) in Leipzig.

Photos by Sebastian Schröder, Conny Bengsch, Marlene Morgenstern

Participating Artists