Westheuser, Ida

Beichtkiosk / 2016

Performance, ongoing

Idalottas Beichkiosk is a place, where you’ve never been before. It is hell, it’s supposed to be beautiful. However, it appears, when you don’t expect it. When you enter, there is no code to follow, there is a code to create. If you dare, I will put on my wig and my necklace and tell you the truth. If you’re true I will dare. Chose a sin from the sin-quintett. Give it to a stranger you don’t like and get your 15 minutes of holiness. Questions may bring answers, but the answer is always the same. It doesn’t matter, what you create, if you have no fun. “

This text was written, after the Beichtkiosk had taken place for a few times as a one-on-one performance event in a tight room created for that occasion. The text is approaching to transport the aura of bygone moments. Idalottas Beichtkiosk was the starting point for a performance series involving content like confrontation, behaviour in fear, rituals of youth, casinolighting, society and memory.

Invite / 2016

Performance, ongoing

When you’re walking down the street, invite yourself to the birthday of the first person you meet.

This is a mantra, you can give it a rhythm or melody, and it could be yours.
I devoted myself to it, after I moved the center of my life to Dresden. In the beginning, the people I met in the street were strangers, just like me. I figured, that being a stranger is the most fragile construction, linked to how much people want themselves or others to be strangers.
Sometimes, after I invited myself to a birthday, the appearance of the other person completely changed.
I was part of more and less private settings with various social codes and norms. The encounters come back to be experienced in various shapes: being told as stories : being reenacted by performers : being looked at as visual relicts … as my memories of the encounters change over the time, so does this work.

Impulsverlosung / 2014


improvisation techniques, conceptual city walk, experimental exploration

discussion of experience, showing of impulses and objects

3 giving away impulses via prize draw in Motorenhalle Dresden

Ad Hoc / 2011


I found a book on the street in Dresden: “Birdcall for Life”. I pondered what to do. The following day, I rang a random doorbell of a highrise in the suburb of Gorbitz and swapped my book with a mother who opened the door – she gave me toothpaste in return. Five months later I had exchanged 73 Objects in the building.




2016 Anotherstate, Galerie Erratum, Berlin
2015 Geschichten finden Stadt, Installation für Marktplatz Rötha
2015 Moving Cells Festival, Leipzig
2014 Museum of undefinded Relationships, Jtrâva, Tschechien
2014 Impulsverlosung, Motorenhalle Dresden
2014 Es wird Frühling, Galerie KuB, Leipzig
2013 Silence comes, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin
2012 Ad Hoc bei KELLER V, Dresden