Cha, Boa

Tagebuch / 2017

Diary (june-december 2017) in the office-storage box, Tablet


Read articles from the newspaper and select a sentence or word for my diary.

Das war lecker, aber nicht mein Geschmack! / 2017

Artistic action, Sushi-snack stand,12-variety Riceroll


The action “that was delicious, but not my taste! ” was conducted in one day, opening of the exhibition.
The twelve variety Rice Roll, which is shown on the menu only the name of the person and their favorite childhood meals (without information on ingredients), are offered to visitors (approximately 200 servings) and visitors can pick a name and taste it.
The selected rice roll is served with a note in which a name and information of the person is inscribed.

Ahorn / 2017

Mapleseeds, cotton fabric.  90 x 90 cm.


Although maple seeds are everywhere, they are ironically inconspicuous.
Despite their anonymity, each one of them is unique. A big picture has been created by cutting each seed and sticking it pixel-like. Through this process, the original form is disassembled, alienated and form a new space.

LindenBaum / 2016

Cast, soil, framed picture on the wall

Exhibition view “Luftraum1”


Dieffenbachia / 2015

dieffenbachia, porcelain, soil

Exhibition view “Konträr”

RaumFalten / 2014

video performance, 2´20“

Ein Stillleben, stilles Leben / 2014

Installation: 10liter plastic bag with water, on the wall
Performance: 10liter plastic bag with water, walk through the street

Tagebuch / 2013

Diary(june), 150x210mm


*1981 in Seoul, Korea



2014 „Bauhaus Essentials“ Marke.6/ Weimar
2015 „Bauhaus Essentials“ Marke.6/ Weimar
2016 “Once upon a time” ,Jarmuschek+Partner gallery, Berlin
2016 “LuftRaum #1”,Other Music Academy, Weimar
2017 “Cultural Memory in the Present”,HGB Galerie , Leipzig