Janßen, Geeske

TRUST ME / 2017

audio installation

TRUST ME is an audio installation which has eleven boxes in different places in Bremerhaven-

Lehe; a portuguese cafe, kindergarten, diner, cabstand. You can hear the people from the places a

interviewed talking about trust. Why are they trusting someone or something? How does trust

develop? What happens when their trust was abused?

The other side / 2017

audio installation

This is a work which is dealing with how society is taking a lead in where our path is going. Two women which grew up in different societies – west and east Germany. Both of them had similar paths and studied fine art.

The visiter site on an old wooden box, in the middle of empty shelves. The door is open and the spectator has the view to the inner German border.

Inside out / 2016

video installation

The visitor can see many young people. They are moving in slow motion. They are reacting on something the visitor doesn´t know. This work is about reading in other people faces. What are we trying to hide? How are we reacting on something we think is taboo?

In the exhibition is a bookrack with the questions the people in the video had. Do be able to read them, the visitor has to be behind the bookrack and is like the recorded persons in a vulnerable situation.

Watch me / 2016

video performance 1h 5:28 min

One task: Goings backwards, finding your way by only taking the video function of the cell phone as a mirror.

Standby / 2016

audio installation


How are you starting your prayers? What is the place where you are praying? Is church as a

institution important for you? How do you imagine god?

Questions which where answered by very different people and which could be heard in the church

Unser Lieben Frauen Bremen.

Cotton candy and the fox / 2014

performative installation

The croft / 2014

multimedia installation

Youth / 2013

performative installation

The leap / 2013

photography, 70×100, c-print


*1986 in Varel




2017 TRUST ME, Audioinstallation im Stadtteil Lehe, Bremerhaven

2016 ‘standby’ in der Stadtkirche Unser Lieben Frauen, Bremen

2016 ‘Die Kindliche Kaiserin’, Laura Därr/Geeske Janßen, Galerie KUB, Leipzig



2017 Operation Grenze, Gedenkstätte Deutsche Teilung Marienborn, Marienborn

2017 diverse directions, Galerie Gerken, Berlin

2017 Ausstellung zu dem Preis der NORDWESTKUNST, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven

2017 Stille, global group 3000, Berlin

2016 ‘Not Really Made’, Galerie der HGB Leipzig, Leipzig

2016 KUNST/MITTE, Kunstmesse für Mitteldeutschland, Magdeburg

2016 CAMP/2 – Festival für Künstlerischen Film und Performance, Halle

2016, Performance, Sofia Underground International Performance Art Festival (BG)

2015 Exhibition of the advancement award photography, Stadtmuseum Oldenburg (S)
2014 ,the croft`‘, multimedia installation, Hans W. Mende/Geeske Janßen, Kulturzentrum Seefelder Mühle, Seefeld (S)
2015 ,scene of faith‘, photography, Lichtung, Rundgang HGB Leipzig Leipzig (G)
2014 ,cotton candy and the fox‘, performative installation,
STANDBY, HALLE 14, Leipzig (G)
2013 ,selfportrait‘, mixed media, mütter_töchter_künste, einRaum5-7 Galerie Braunschweig (G)
2013 ,STANDBY‘, Rundgang HGB Leipzig (G)
2012 ,XX‘, photocollage, ,erotic edge‘, photography, mütter_töchter_künste, Kulturzentrum Seefelder Mühle, Seefeld (G)
2011 ,the golden rule‘, mixed media, Rundgang HBK Braunschweig (G)