100% Health / 2008

Exhibition of the Class for Intermedia, HGB Leipzig, led by Prof.Alba D’Urbano in cooperation with Franz Alken.
Spatial concept designed by the students of HTWK Leipzig, led by Prof. Andreas Wolf.

The selection of the works follows associative principles. The gallery is transformed into a stage and a laboratory. The result is an associative journey with a loop-like, labyrinthine basic structure. Within this labyrinth are hidden rooms , so-called “secret chambers”, that Franz Alken has built into the exhibition. The artist transfers the principle of the secret chamber, often the location of great treasures in films and computer games, onto the entire situation of the exhibition: the visitor has to transgress the common rules of gallery visits and learnt behaviour in order to access all the works.

The “occupation” of the gallery rooms, which are rarely used for class presentations, qualifies the exhibition as a reaction to the chronic lack of space, in particular for space related projects and installations. The intervention into the architecture of the gallery creates a meta work of art, which incorporates the individual artistic positions. The concept for the space was developed in collaboration with Prof. Ingo Andreas Worf and students of the HTWK (Leipzig Academy of Applied Sciences) and does not as usual merely define the spatial appearance of the works, but has been designed with consideration for the works and thus interrupts the existing, dominating architecture of the HGB gallery.

With this exhibition the class raises a number of issues concerning the “state of health” of art and art education, the presentation of media based works, the architectural conditions of space and its use.

Photos by Andreas Wolf and Franz Alken


Photos by Conny Bengsch and Alba D’Urbano

Opening & Performances

Photos by Conny Bengsch, Stefan Hurtig, Alexandra Nemecky and Julia Krause


Photos by Conny Bengsch, Stefan Hurtig, Alexandra Nemecky and Julia Krause

Participating Artists