Fiallo Montero, Guillermo

Wie geht es dir / 2009 – 2010

video-performance / HD / 17:00 min

Wie geht es dir (How are you?) is a videoperformance in which the artist says this sentence for the entire duration of 17 minutes. As the process develops, he becomes tired and almost tortured by the action, and we realise that it is more that just a mere greeting.


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Verdrängung / 2009

Installation / Plants, modifided newspaper clipping, pedestals, dimension variable
Realized for the exhibition  ›Das Böse ist ein Eichhörnchen‹ (Evil is a squirrel).


Our contemporary society is based on limitations and borders. Humanity divides space like never before. This division appears to be based primarily on socio-political and cultural grounds, but in reality it is mostly determined by economic phenomena. Similarly as with people, who depending on their origin are more accepted than others, so too is it with products, animals or plants. These are initially used, to be later seen as a ›threat‹. The work titled »Verdrängung« (having in german different meanings: repression, replacement, displacement and replacement) deals with questions of such economic relations.

The Installation consist of two parts, which are arranged opposite to one another in a corridor of the regional court. On the left hand side there is a newspaper clipping with blackened passages, which illustrates ideas of censorship and at the same time provides the opposite, or an opening towards a new zone of meaning. This Leipzig local article reports on the impending replacement of local Flora by exotic plants. All clues that indicate that the article is concerned with plants have been blacked out – what remains is a report of threat, which could also be understood to be concerned with the displacement of people.

The second part consist of five ›office plants‹, which come from the rooms of the regional court. These were selected and presented on pedestals, marked with a label, typical to that from artworks, providing information about the German name, the original location within the court house, provenance and year of importation of each plant, such as ›Geldbaum aus Raum 219‹ (money tree from room 219), Origin: Madagascar, Imported: 1821.

Clusters / 2008



The Videosculpture Clusters questions the relations between the individual and the mass within a large community. The 2.10 metre tall object gives the viewer the sensation of being smaller. The black monolithic form emanates an almost religious atmosphere. Two video channels, show on the one side a crowd of people who stand so close to one another that they seem to merge. On the other side one can see a night scene in which a man seems to be asleep at a station.
Minimal sound structures become audible and the words “I am just a particle, am I just a small particle?” can be heard as if from a dream – on the one hand as a statement, on the other as a question.

Text: Dr. Konstanze Schwarzwald (Philosopher)



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Video front



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Video back

WEG (A-Way)
 / 2007


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2009 “Das Böse ist ein Eichhörnchen” District Court, Leipzig
2008 “Hope” Festival of contemporary art, Varna, Bulgaria
2008 “Selbst Macht Originalität“ art-gallery KUB, Leipzig
2008 “100% Health” art-gallery of HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2007 “Das Ende vom Anfang” Kunstraum Kuhturm, Leipzig
2007 “Ding und Unding” Intervention in Public Space, Leipzig
2006 “Out of Focus”, Gallery Sammler, Leipzig

Curatorial Work

2009  “Talk Talk – The Interview as an artistic practice”, art-gallery of HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2008  “Arte a Full”, Westwerk, Leipzig