Bauer, Justine

They gave me a pony but it did not meet my expectations / 2017

HD Video, 8:21

I wished the ground would open but I had only a fork, no shovel / 2016

HD Video Loop, 12:03 min

Handled in roles II / 2016

HD Video, 14:45 min
Voice: Melody Panosian, Andreas Skorczyk

Handled in roles I / 2016

HD Video, 11:22 min

Restlessness has got only one leg / 2016

HD Videoloop, 7:40 min

The Insects-Trilogy / 2014-2015

3 video-loops (stills)

Flies-Research II

How do relationships work?
Flies react to their own string of love.


Frozen clothes / 2015


MaterialThrown away chemise, frost, next mornings


o.T. / 2014

Material: armchair, bulb, chair, my family and childhood photographs as cyanotype on  125 wooden plates, nails

Memories change and disappear, so do cyanotypes on wooden plates. A room to rest, to remember and to change memories again.





2011 Filmschau Baden-Württemberg 2011
2011 Stuttgarter Kinderfilmtage 2011