Meinert, Franziska

Deus ex machina / 2011

In collaboration with Marlene Morgenstern
Cuckoo Clock: cardboard, brown acrylic paint / 75 x 35 cm
Harpy: air-drying modelling material, feathers, wool

The figurine emerges within a randomly programmed time limit and spits brown liquid (optionally into a collecting container). At one side of the cuckoo clock is a peep box, containing a gloomy setting. The cuckoo clock is placed on a specially designed wallpaper with patterns of ornamentally arranged fabulous creatures.

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After Sander

work in progress

Recreating August Sander´s famous portraits of 19th century people by making models, then transferring them into photography again.

Lost /2009, 2010

series of c-prints

Models of extinct animals, pictured in diorama-like settings.

The depicted animals do not exist as stuffed specimen in any museum of natural history, there are only drawings of them, which were used as patterns for this work.

Filling Rooms With Spaces / 2008

Pictures, showing models or simulations themselves, were recreated, photographed again and placed in models of white cubes. Of these, photos were taken once more.

Merely Wishful Thinking / 2007


Paper models of buildings are destroyed by fire, recreating themselves afterwards, then are destroyed again, forming an endless process of renewal and destruction.

Thinking Of Baroque Age /2006

Loop / 31 min

Moving earthworms on different surfaces form constantly changing ornaments, the image was mirrored in addition to that.

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2012 “Res obscura” HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2011 “Jeunesse dorée” tamtamART, Berlin
2011 “Gott und die Welt” HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2010 “HGB Studienpreis 2010″ Gallery HGB Leipzig
2010 “Touch me!” Galerie Sylvia Bernhardt, Wiesbaden
2010 “Chain of Fools” HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2010 “Schlaflos geträumt vom Sammeln” Wohnung Sonja Rentsch, Bremen
2010 IIIIIIIIIIII, Gängeviertel Kunsthaus Speckstraße, Hamburg
2009 Gottfried-Brockmann-Preis- 2010-Ausstellung, Stadtgalerie Kiel
2009 “Falscher Hase oder Vom Leben in den Wäldern” Galerie M, Berlin
2009 “Das Böse ist ein Eichhörnchen” District Court, Leipzig
2008 “Weiße Nacht” Flandern-Bunker, Kiel
2008 “Diorama” European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück
2007 “Abseits ’07” Galerie Oel-Früh, Hamburg (with Juliane Kotterba)
2006 “Abseits ’06” Kunsthalle zu Kiel
2006 Art Club, Stadtgalerie Kiel
2005 “Kiel-Berlin-Junge Kunst aus zwei Hauptstädten” Kulturforum Schwimmhalle, Plön
2005 “hors d´oeuvre” Brunswiker Pavillon, Kiel