Martínez, Edna

Dolní Poustvena / 2011

Photography, C-Print, 14 Photos, 20x30cm

Dolní Poustevna is a city in the Czech Republic, near Germany. For legal reasons of the European Union, the Czech-German border is open, no posts or towers, but it lies just across a bridge and you realize you are entering a new normality. This normality and its relation to the characteristic border economy is what I want to point out in this series. It is the first result of a documentary work about this small town.

Gesichts- und spurlos / 2011

Booklet, 21cm x 15cm

In this little booklet I approach the topic disappearance and memory. How long does it take for an image to be forgotten, to disappear? How long does It take for a person to be forgotten by the system?

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artefacte / 2009

Photography, C-Print, 18 Images, Different sizes

In these series I try to abroad the concept of impairment. The photos were taken between 2006 and 2009 and belong to different contexts: Bolivia, Brazil and Germany. What happens to the things we use and throw away? What do these objects say about society?


*1983 in Colombia


2011 Pre-Diploma Photography, Galerie Pierogi, Spinnerei Leipzig
2010 Döben 10, HGB Leipzig