Windeler, Kai-Hendrik


book / video – installation
book: 17872 patents with the term of body in the title, table, lamp, chair, 0,8×0,8×1,8m
video: 100 pictures of bricks with mortar droppings; slowly crossfading, endless loop, table, no audio, monitor, 0,8×0,8×1,3m


1985 / 2014

Multimedia installation
30 TV´s, 30 DVD-Player, 1000m square steel, 800m cable, 200m nylon

I cannot sleep, get out of bed and go downstairs into the living room. My parents are watching current events and have me sit down on the couch between them until I calm down…

The installation discusses media identity and the influence of media events on the physical living space.

30 repeating video sequences show a fraction of news broadcasts. Each of the subjective selected clipping represents an event and a year of my life. The single sequences are undecipherable through shortness and selection and take up a subordinate role to rhythm and repetition.

The dissembled tube TVs are displayed as objects in a three-dimensional metal construction of an apparent archive situation.

A collective and intimate memory machine!











Installation views at Sowjetischen Pavillon, Leipzig, 2014

Heimatfremd / 2013

Escape the landscape, 5 light boxes, 80 x 45 cm, Backlite-Print, 2011
Die Dame und das Karussell, diasec, oak frame, 170 x 140 cm, 2012
Studio objects

Heimatfremd is a combined installation of single artworks and studio objects.
The two-dimensional collages step out into a spatial installation.

The objects refer to the environment of the artist and with their layout and the barrier hint at a museum-like and bourgeois representation of a Master’s studio. The objects physically accompany the absurdity of the collages. The work also alludes to the history and the role of an art space as exhibition and work space.


Mbl / 2012

18/1 billboard print, wooden positioner, 356×252 cm, montage “do we dream of electric sheep”, Holtenauerstrasse 48, Kiel 2012

„Mbi“ is an installation in the public space. The 18/1 billboard print refers to an ostensible and virtual world, which focuses on the search of an ideal. Imitating propaganda pictures of socialist societies, the palace garden was a set up as a photomontage, sent to china for hand painting and digitised afterwards. The image is very conservative and opposes the complex and modern production processes the picture has undergone. The installation in a park in Holtenauer Street in Kiel simultaneously discusses a town picture that levels the past and the future.



Die Dame und das Karussell / Kinderspiele / 2012

inkjet, diasec, oak frame, 170×130 cm, montage “Über Schein und Sein”, Gallery Heinzi und Struss, Kiel 2012

„Die Dame und das Karussell“ and „Kinderspiele“ – also hybrids of painting and photography – are two large-size panel paintings, which refer to the works of Pieter Breughel, not only by means of the title. The composition contradicts contemporary possibilities by presenting distinct characteristics of the Renaissance, enhanced by the reproduction of the shoddy living room paintings. Diasec and oak frame then embed the picture in a bourgeois world and foil the conservative museal form of representation.


*1985 in Neuss


2015 “Storchennest”, Lindenow-art-festival, Leipzig
2015 „entgrenzt“, Sparkassenstiftung Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel
2014 „Situation Room“, ehem. sowj. Pavillon, Alte Messe, Leipzig
2013 „Heimatfremd“, Kunstraum Liska, Leipzig
2013 „Rundgang“, HGB, Leipzig
2013 „Die Barbaren kommen“, Kunstraum Liska,Leipzig
2013 „Intimate“, Galerie Eigen+Art, Leipzig
2012 “RFLXN 04”, Stadtmuseum, Schleswig
2012 “un/sichtbar”, Photokina, Köln
2012 “do we dream of electric sheep”, Holtenauer 48, Kiel
2012 “Über Schein und Sein”, Heinzi und Struss, Kiel
2011 “multiple Art. Neue Medien 2011”, Mercur Galerie der IHK, Kiel
2011 “gehängt”, ehem. Druckerei Saxen, Kiel
2010 “Fotofestung”, Festung Friedrichsort, Kiel