Bergelt, Sven

Im Westen nichts Neues / 2014

The installation is a part of the project “Situation Room”

Eilmeldungen, Liveticker und Tweets begleiten die tägliche Informationskultur in den Massenmedien. Für den Zuschauer und Konsumenten der Medien wird ein Gefühl der permanenten Ereignishaftigkeit produziert. Krisen, Katastrophen, Unglücke und Kriege wechseln sich ab, überlagern sich und verschwimmen im Dschungel der Medienevents. Das Klima der permanenten Ereignishaftigkeit egalisiert das plötzliche Hereinbrechen eines Ereignisses und negiert dessen Schockwirkung. Stattdessen hat sich der Umgang mit katastrophalen Nachrichten zur Normalität manifestiert. In steter Erwartung eines Ereignisses, ist aus erschütternden Ereignissen, eine erschütternde Ereignislosigkeit erwachsen.

@basjanader#i’mtstty / 2013

53 Comments / 2013

The installation is composed of four different maps. One is made of soil; it extends from the floor to encompass the entirety of the room, two are printed on tracing paper and the third is a video piece of seven hours, in which the creation process is documented.

32 blankets with patch, 24 Loudspeakers on tripod, Duration 17min, Loop, 2013 The sound installation “53 Comments” consists of the readers comments about the re-enactment of the Völkerschlacht in 2012 published in the online issue of the daily newspaper in Leipzig. In a controversial discussion the reader talks about the “authentic” representation of history in the presence. 32 speaker present the one year old discussion simultaneously and concerning the contents close to…) to the re-enactment of the battle in 2013.

Im Dickicht Necken / 2013

Wood, Laminate, LED’s, public art, parking block Lipschitzallee Berlin 2013
metro station Lipschitzallee Berlin, 2012

Three light installations on the top of a and in a parking block in Berlin-Gropiusstadt play linguistically with the specific urban space and urban planning in Gropiusstadt – a large house estate built in the 1960s. The texts and LED-lights counteracted the parking block (parking lot) as a space of fear and show it in a jocular way as an alternative use of space.

Noise / 2012

Vorne Fahrn / 2012

3 billboards 250 x 350 cm, public art
metro station Lipschitzallee Berlin, 2012

The three videostills of the work „The Inner Circle“ show the artist walking continuously the same rectangle on a grassland. 30 days as a whole, one hour every day.
As a result of the repetitive and monotous action, a trail becomes more and more visible that indicates the time that has been passed by.The ambivalence between the metro as place for mobility and the seemingly endless circling walk displayed on the billboard poses questions of repeating patterns in everyday life.

Welcome to reality / 2012

Project proposal for art in the public call, project: [10].lindenau, granted with the 2nd place, 2012

„Welcome to reality“ is a project proposal for ten display windows of a new shopping mall at “Lindenauer Markt” place. The open call invited artists to controversially reflect on the social, geographical and architectural change the construction of the shopping mall brings up. Bergelts proposal for the installation in the display window consists of a mirrorfoil that reflects the Wilhelminian style architecture by that the new mall is surrounded. And secondly of text (vinyl cutter type) on the window glass which shows a discussion about the construction of the mall that was held on the web over 2 years. Thereby the people can review the different opinions about the construction and match them with the present.

Circle / 2012

3-Channel-Videoinstallation, 750 x 400 cm, 2012

The 3-channel video-installation „Circle“ consists of 3 videos that form a cycle.

„The Inner Circle” shows the artist, walking the same rectangle on a grassland. 30 days as a whole, one hour every day. As a result of the repetitive and monotous action, a trail becomes more and more visible that indicates the time that has been passed.

In the video „The Unknown Shore“ the same person undresses, then steps into the ocean water and starts swimming. He slowly moves away from the shore further and further, until the eye can’t recognize him anymore. This romantic image picks out yearnings as a central theme: the desire for nature, wanderlust, the leap into the unknown and ultimate wideness and – the death wish.

In the third video „The Scene Behind“ the artist leaves the forest in the background and begins to stonewall brick for brick a square cube around him. This act ends when his body has been totally covered by the stonewall around him what hides him from the spectators gaze.



2013 “Prager Str.”,OneNightGallery #11
2013 “CYNETART”, International Festival for computerbased Art Dresden
2013 “Enviroment of Life” Gyeongnam International Photography Festival
2013 “53 comments” Kalthalle of the Photomuseum Markkleeberg (Solo Exhibition)
2013 “Im Dickicht Necken” parking block Lipschitzallee, Berlin

2013 “INTIMATE” Gallery EIGEN + ART, Leipzig
2013 “Restraining Order – The Art of Self-Control” Einstein Forum, Potsdam
2013 “Rundgang” Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2012 “Paul-Langheinrichstr.” OnenightGallery #10
2012 “August-Bebel-Str.83” OneNightGallery #9
2012 “Vorne Fahrn – Kunst im Untergrund” Metro Station Lipschitzallee, Berlin (NGBK)
2012 “In der Zwischenzeit” Begehungen Chemnitz
2012 “Festungen – Innen und Außen. Junge Kunst aus Leipzig” Festung Rosenberg Kronach
2012 “Limburgerstr.45” OneNightGallery #8
2012 “Crisis – Everyone has one he deserves” Museum Contemporary Wroclaw (Poland)
2012 “[10].lindenau” Lofft Theater Leipzig
2012 “Circle” Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig