Olbertz, Robson Missau

01 – 516 km² equal / 2014


Rivers draw landscapes, limit regions and also connect them. The build of the Belo Monte’s Dam in Amazonia Brazil will flood an area of 516 km², so the people of the region must leave their homes. This Hydroelectric will produce around 11,2 Mwatt/year. But what exactly means 516km²? How look it likes in other landscapes?

sex is two / 2014

linol print onto wood, 155 x 105 x 3 mm

This work is a part of the edition “intimate”, which comprises 15 artists of the class intermedia

sex is one / 2013

seven boards, 13 x 20 cm

In 1975 Pier Paolo Pasolini made the film “The 120 Days of Sodom”. In this film a couple of representatives of the Social Republic of Italy are shown as moral and sexual deviants who enclose a group of boys and girls out of the civilisation just for their own gratification. Sex and violence become almost synonymous. Sex is required as a service just for the satisfaction of the reign. Bodies become objects. The reflection of this drawings is that sex is also about an individual’s needs and desires, it analyses how sex can be represented in a not perjorative way, as a fulfulling a bodily need/desire for only one.

Berührungssäule / 2012


Berührungssäule, documentation.

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Belo Monte / 2012


Belo Monte, animation

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*1986 in União da Vitória – Brazil


since 2012 Media Art/Intermedia – Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig – Germany
2009-2010 Kommunikationsdesign – Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin – Germany
2007-2009 Grafik Deisign – Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná – Brazil