Sledz, Jan

Im dritten Bild sieht man eine neurotische Zwangshandlung / 2005
(In the Third Image one Sees a Neurotic Compulsive Act)

4 video loops / 20:58 min / size varies

Four images show four loops that simultaneously start and have the same duration. The images are conceptually and compositionally formed so that each one appears as an individual narrative, but also part of a larger narrative at the same time. Each image is accompanied with a soundtrack that reflects the acoustic context of the images.

The third video is the central theme of the work. It shows a middle-aged man who is building a tent above a high class car. In order to emphasise the action, it is shown in front of a mostly neutral space. Only the barrier in the background and the people and cars grazing across the image locate the scene in the neighbourhood of the residential area. The car appears to be a home on wheels, a private capsule and instrument of delimitation for its owner.

The fourth video shows a view in a populated plane from a slightly raised point. One can see the streets, cars, fields; settlement areas as well as nuclear power plant, which all determine the whole motif. It forms the optical brackets for the three past images. City, suburb, estates, and cars live off the power plant and are simultaneously threatened by it.

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*1976 in Berlin

1999 – 2002 Studies in Media Arts, HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2002 – 2005 Class of Prof. Alba D’Urbano and Prof. Joachim Blank
since 2005 postgraduate “Meisterschüler” programme at Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, mentored by Prof. Joachim Blank