Kim, Dohyeong

S-O-F-A / 2012


The „Status of Forces Agreement“ (abbreviation: S – O – F – A) is an agreement between the U.S.A. and another country, in which the U.S. Army has external troops

Tattoo / 2011


Some woman told me that tattoo is a soul of person and a preparation to get ready for life when getting tattoo. Tattoo is a symbol of those people who belong to an organization like Yakuza or Mafia. Infact before I made this series I just served the army for 3 years so I thought it’s impossible to take a picture again. Because I wanted to take a picture people who got tattoo. I had to go so many dangerous places I shouldn’t go. I realized what kind of person I am and my self-existence through this process

Figure / 2010


Modern Capitalism in society makes everything commoditized even though people are commoditized. When people meet people, we more focus on their appearance than their inner beauty. Those kind of instant meeting leads to that people think person’s ability is the most important factor, when it comes to judging people. That’s why people make a lot of efforts to enhance the value of themselves to be sold in society. They pretend to have more ability than actually they have. I want to show you a person who is commoditized through this Figure


*1983 in Busan, South Korea


2009 Photist in Daegu, KM Gallery
2008 Photist in Seoul, TOFOhaus Gallery
2008 International Young Photographer (Now and That) in Daegu, Donggu Gallery
2002 ART photo in Busan, Artbank Gallery
2001 Bingreae Photo Festival in Seoul, Bingrae Gallery