Lachowicz, Katya

The making of History, Present and Future / 2010-2011

Audio 7:20 minutes, 10 audio guides, 10 headphones, A5 sign with gallery logo presented at the information desk.
210 x 175 x 60

The Making of History, Present and Future (2010-211) is an ironic audio guide that explores themes of representation: Who represents what, why and whom?

The visitor enters the gallery, goes towards the information desk and picks up an audio guide. He puts on the provided headphones and presses the play button. After an ambient musical introduction, an unknown speaker (the artist) greets the visitor and promises an experience-packed programme, specially formulated for their personal pleasure. The guide however is non-specific and entirely standardised.

This work was also shown as a 4 minute audio installation played on four speakers in the foyer of the Kaßberg prison as an ‘official welcome’ message for the visitors of the 8th Begehungen Festival Chemnitz in 2011.

Installation view, Jakopic Gallery, Ljubljana Slovenia

A5 sign offering a free audio guide, Jakopic Gallery, Ljubljana Slovenia

Installation view, Kaßberg prison, Chemnitz, Germany

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Katya Lachowicz


2011 »You Are Leaving the Area of Responsibility« Kaßberg prison, Chemnitz
2010 »Pavilion X« Galerija Jakopič, Ljubljana
2010 »Klang im Namen des Raumes« Berlin
2010 »Blockade I« Universal Cube, Leipzig
2010 »Resonanzen« Tapentenwerk, Leipzig