Fischer, Sabine

How, do, you, feel / 2016

moving / 2014. video, 0:54 min

Solo exhibition in Leipzig. Eight positions that reflects perspectives on life. I asked myself “how, do you, feel”? with the indifferent interest that this question asked. The positons are images of metaphiric feelings. I included the perspectives of my childhood and youth aswell as common feelings of my surroundings. I use humor to offer an open statement. The protestsign “saved” and the “no future_discoball” are two peaces of this exhibition.



leuchtrekl #1-3 / 2008-2009

This is a little series researching the meaning of significations by using luminous advertising. In this case signification and advertisement have similar strategies to emphasise their importance. The main importance here belongs to the signification, which is combined with the methods of luminous advertising.

leuchtrekl#3 / 2009

installation / boxes, carton, light


leuchtrekl#2 / 2009

installation/ 150m black cable, 50m white cable, incandescent lamp, electricity


leuchtrekl#1 / 2008

installation / wood, 220×70 cm

dot / 2008

Relief / 530×250 cm / scrap electronical, LED´s

unbenannt  (windows file)  / 2008

sculpture / 230×260 cm / plaster, polystyrene, steel, paint



Sabine Fischer


2010 “Puzzle: Raumzone 5” GfZK Leipzig
2009 “lindenow” Praline, Leipzig
2009 “leuchten” Atelierhaus Düsseldorf
2009 “illusion” Centraltheater, Leipzig
2008 “leuchtendes Leben” Leipzig
2008 “persona-lity”, Tapetenwerk, Leipzig
2007 “Rundgang der HGB” Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2006 “sold out” Leipzig
2005 “art at the border” Kostrzyn, Poland