Frey, Peter

Teorema / 2007

Multi-channel video
4 sequences in various places in space (with Angela Köntje)


(© Peter Frey 2007)



Das Duett (The Duet) 2008/09

Cooperation with Angela Köntje
Wood / veneered chipboard
Video, 30 min / Colour / Sound

The work consists of three parts belonging together: a spatially intervening installation, a circa 30 minutes long video work and a catalogue. The thematic background is the assumption – for an artistic subject – #constitutive contexts between artistic production and its distribution within various formats such as exhibition, catalogue, interview or documentary artistic portrait.

Installation: »Richard W.’s universeller Repräsentationsapparat« (Richard W.’s universal apparatus of representation)

The material basis of the installation is mainly a veneered cupboard and shelving unit, which already forms the setting in the video work and is at the same time the working material and the art works which the character Pucki Kraft presents. As a relief-like structure and accessible floor plan of the Festival Theatre in Bayreuth, which is newly put together, the chipboard serves the purpose of being the display and venue of the video, catalogue and the visitors.

The Duet

Video: »Mein Geheimnis ist, dass ich keine Herkunft habe« (My secret is that i have no origin)

The video work adapts the basic structure of a documentary film and presents the established artist of upper middle class origin, and the fictive character Pucki Kraft from a lower-class milieu featured in the film. Interviews, and also explanatory commentary on the original are theatrically restaged, whereas the attributions of the character Pucki Kraft – his work, life and mostly his differing social position – are customised.

The Duet

The Duet

Catalogue: »Pucki Kraft. Selected by Angela Köntje & Peter Frey«

In the catalogue both authors of the video and the installation take on a further role, this time curatorial, and attempt to position and legitimise the character Pucki Kraft in the context of an established field of art.

Grünau / 2005


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in come out / 2007

Wood / door leaves / alkyd resin lacquer
Video / 12 min  / colour, sound

in come out

Installation / architectural intervention:

The installation is based on the much discussed urban planning of the old cotton mill in Leipzig. The timing is consciously chosen and based upon the renovation phase of the Kremer and Filipp Gallery. Analogue to the video, associations of failure and expectation should be focused upon, which are based on a certain urban space. An exhibition display consisting of 16 door leaves and a video monitor, at first inconspicuous, is integrated in a room under construction. The doors are treated on one side with a opaque appearing alkyd resin which reflects the gallery in a distorted fashion. The video is largely dependent on the display, it covers and guides the movements of the visitors by means of sound throughout the whole, seemingly empty exhibition space.

in come out

Video performance:

Within the setting of a newly created office and housing complex, that already is characterised by vacancy, the unrelated lines of action thematise the intervention of possibilities of an individual physical handling of urban structures, and their social conditions, accessibility and exclusions.

The door leaves are a repeating element, they are taken out of their original context and replaced in a new surrounding fittingly according to the composition.

The supposed spatial harmony is constantly broken by the common fall of the actor and door into the room.

in come out

in come out

in come out


*1975 in Ulm


“Klara H.” Gästehaus der Kokerei Zollverein, Essen

“Gendered Geographies, HGK Zürich
“White Cube*” Interventionen der Forschungsgruppe_F in der Ausstellung Iconoclash; ZKM Karlsruhe
“Psychoscape” Kunstraum B2 Leipzig; Welti-Furrer Areal Zürich

“Baukörper/Westend Unfinished” Josephstraße Leipzig