Escherlor, Judith Miriam

untitled / 2008

Video loop / 7 min


(© Judith Miriam Escherlor 2008)

Several video sequences show the artist herself applying make-up to her face. She constantly repeats and exaggerates certain gestures in such a way that the scene gains an absurd or grotesque character.

Mermaid / 2006

Skulpture (Wood / foam rubber / velvet / artifical hair) / 160 x 36 x 140 cm


Ciccioline / 2004





Year, 2001-02

Series / 34 pieces (Tampon / Blood)

Judith Miriam Escherlors unnerving installation “Year” consisted of 361 tampons with dried menstruation blood she had collected within a year. By nylon strings the tampons were hung from the showroom´s ceiling thus creating the impression of a floating square plane. A a body in space the tampons signified time as a dimension not directly to be observed. The attantion of the spectator was directed towards menstruation normally hidden and taboo. By publicly confronting such a private object a space was opened enabling a new perspective on the subject.

Year, 2001-02

Year, 2001-02

<13_05_00_01> / 2000



(© Judith Miriam Escherlor 2000)

The museum houses artefacts such as jewellery, packages, arrowheads and human bones. Objects, which were, in their time, banal or vital or not openly seen are presented in immaculate glass cabinets for the eyes of those who want to study them.

The tampon is a consumer good / commodity of many woman of a particular age group and as such a feature of our culture providing information about the character of the body and our conduct regarding it. A series of used, dried tampons is added to the collection of ancient artefacts, which are intended to manifest the nature of our planet an its living inhabitants. Placing such a series below a diagram of the earths´ geological clock suggests that human beings are integrated in the cycle of nature.

The work deals with the ambiguous relation of humans to menstruation and their no less complex relation to nature in general. Both appear to be in many respects alienated from humanity.

Dress from: “The Heritage Series” / 1997

Paper object

Dress from: The Heritage Series

(© Judith Miriam Escherlor 1997)


*1973 Wilhelmshaven (DE)