Winterhagen, Marc T.

From behind / 2007

Photo series, 40 x 40 cm, Poznan and Kaiavas

From Behind

Due to his long-year engagement and work with the medium of film and video, Marc Tobias Winterhagen sees photography as an opportunity to capture an entire story and the development of its images in a single still. His concern are not aspects of form and aesthetics – that a photograph may, to a certain degree, become an abstract object by skilful framing and colourfulness – yet rather maximal compression as a dramaturgical function. A photograph thus becomes a type of film still that shows only a split second and yet in the same instant offers the viewer a notion of the events before and after. This impression is not created only by a movement frozen in the frame, but rather by the fact that the beginning and end of the narrative extend to the left and right beyond the image, so that a lot of issues are raised on longer observation.

The four photographs are part of a series running since 2007, for which the artist takes
pictures of persons from behind. The results are ambivalent pictures between art and reality, between staging and documentation.

From Behind

O.T. / 2006

Photograph, 80 x 80 cm, Wildeshausen


(© Marc Tobias Winterhagen 2006)

Das Callgirl und der Freier / 2006 (The callgirl and her client)

Video, 5:15 min
Team: Actors – Juliane Gregorí + Norbert Wendel / Written, produced, directed, filmed and edited – Marc Tobias Winterhagen / Sound recording – Sebastian Neumeyer / Lighting – Inna Knaus / Music – Hakan Sag

A young callgirl is having monologs, absurd philosophical theories about the NOW, while her client just waits for finally doing what he has called her for: Simply sex. Their disability to communicate and to change the situation by stopping the dialog brings them on a loop. The callgirl doesn´t know that everything starts again and again. Her client knows that they are caught in this loop but the more he tries to get out, the more he gets back to the beginning where he starts with “Oh no, not again!”

The callgirl and her client


*1977 Frankfurt am Main (DE)

2004-2007 Studies in Media Arts, HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
since 2007 Studies in Intermedia, ASP Poznan, Poland