Binder, Gottfried

media / 1998–2015

video/audio media, video and sound, black and white and colour, dvd/cd/website, variable durations.

Digital work with music and some videos.

photography / 1998–2015

Dimensions variable.

Pictures taken mainly in Leipzig, Nuremberg, Rome or travelling, using a Minox, a Samsung digital camera, a Fuji medium format camera and in some work a Sinar large format camera, recently accompanied by the handy iPhone.









Cardboard, B&W Laserjet on Paper, Foil, 20 x 25 cm, 2015.

Photo-linguistic fragments circulating in a theatrical setting.

cprints / 1998–2015

Miscellaneous prints of digital pictures taken between 1998–2015, colour, dimensions variable.

C-Prints of digitally taken and slightly retouched photographs in various formats with a maximum of 20×30 cm; some of them selected and organized in separate boxes.

screens / 2001–2015

Digital, colour, diverse formats, dimensions variable.

Work done in front of the digital computer screen, mostly late at night using an unsorted offline-archive, Photoshop, a graphic-tablet and lots of tea.

drawings / 2006–2015

Selection of drawings made between 2006–2015, diverse material, black and white and colour, dimensions variable.

Drawings made mostly in 2008 during a stay in Italy and some other work during occasional travels; or simply in my kitchen.

booklets / 2008–2015

Selection of printed booklets made between 2008–2015, diverse material, colour, dimensions variable.

First: Kind of spontaneous manifestations of found and compiled material or of my own work with some digital and physical modifications afterwards using graphic-layout or direct image-manipulation. These are mostly individual products.

Second: Results of collaborations or concepts which have taken some time for pre-conception and also distinguish in production value. These are mostly editions.





collection #1

Xerography/Digital Print, 19 x 28 cm, 2013.

A series of b&w medium format photography.

Cover of: “collection#1”








the void 2/4

14 x 21 cm, cardboard, paper, foil, ink, felt pen, pencil, 2013.

Cover + Double-pages 09-10,








This Song’s For You Girls

124 pages, 19 x 25 cm, ink/felt pen on paper, 2010–2013.

A graphical notebook – made over the period of two years.










Die Arbeit

Cardboard, paper, typewriter, 10 x 25 cm, single edition, 2013.

A collection and transcriptions of dialogues. Looks like a menu-card.


















100 pages, B&W Laserjet, 14 x 21 cm, 2015.

Diploma work presented as a book.



mixed media, dvd/cd/website, variable durations.

Heterogenous video-works made without the help of an optical film camera but instead using found footage, broken digital files or randomly generated digital images.





KYRA / 2015

Screencapture, Full-HD (1920x1080px), 48:50 min., 2015.

Diploma work, classically presented at a sunny summer morning in a well darkened cinema – now on the internet. Watch the hypnotic Director’c Cut (which can work on it’s own) but don’t miss the full immersive experience of PRISMA and KYRA combined together in a gripping cinematic feature, a.k.a. “A film by”! Something with circles and so on … also featuring my dog.

“Really hate the first part, then try to relax with the second.”

Filmed on an iMac using OSX 10.6.8 and an iBookAir using 10.9.X mainly using the build–in screencapture features in QuickTime 8 and the possibilities of system–given operating tools.

Although some basic – hopefully invisible – but necessary cuts had to be made through FinalCut, the final cut(s) still are a result of continuous layering and capturing the action on screen.






a sequence effort collection / 2012


“caohom” features as a platform for non-intrusive observations of short sequences, which are collected and archived for future compilations; the majority of “moments” is not actively used because of their structural repetitive similarities.








All the Old Powers / 2011

Found footage, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, 33:25 min., Colour, Germany 2011.

An audio-visual montage in the style of a sketch or an essay.







Eine Umwanderung entlang des Bitterfelder Weges. Über Umwege / 2009

Mini-DV/found footage, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, 36:42 min., Colour, Germany 2009.

(together with Juliane Richter)

A short amateur documentary about the vice-versa influences a group of (working) artists had on the (artistic) labour movement in the Former Democratic Republic of Germany. Also the parallel western academic urge to free art from its privilege and melting it with life itself, is represented in this audio-visual mash-up of found-footage, documentations, interviews and essayistic montages.








ENSÓ round:one / 2007

website: http://www.ensó.de/ensoroundone

Mini-DV/found footage, 4:3, Dolby Stereo, 59:53 min., colour, ger 2007.








exit ›enter the void‹ / 2013

Audio/video-installation with screen/projector, sound-system, black and white book.

BluRay-torrent, DVD-ISO, rewritable single-layer DVD, computer, widescreen, Dolby Stereo, 2:41:16 runtime, Bluray, Mkv, H264 1280×544 2000 kbps 23.976 fs, English AC3 Dolby 48000 Hz 6ch 448K bps, 02:41:16, 2.82 GB, colour, book (table, headphones, vitrine), 2013.

Kind of a techno-spiritual coincidence.

“You must be ready to accept the possibility that there is a limitless range of awareness for which we now have no words; that awareness can expand beyond range of your ego, your self, your familiar identity, beyond everything you have learned, beyond your notions of space and time, beyond the differences which usually separate people from each other and from the world around them.”


trip/träume / 2013

Collection of dream-reports made during the project “Cultural Clash Nomade” in 2013.



Bus / 2008

C-Print / colour / 9 x13 cm

Aus keiner Idee zu einer Idee (From no Idea to an Idea) / 2008/2009

Double page 42/43 of: “Hi, it’s me”
Drawing with red ink / notebook / 84 pages / 26 x 21 cm

Picturing Vessels / 2009

Double page 10/11
Digital print with pencil drawing / 84 pages / 15 x 21 cm

Fields / 2006

Installation and digital C-prints


*1979 in Detta, Romania


2015 Group–exhibition “2.5.0. Object is Meditation And
Poetry”, MAK (GRASSI Museum für Angewandte Kunst Leipzig), Leipzig, Germany
2014 Group-presentation “INTIMATE” (Edition), EIGEN+ART, Leipzig, Germany
2014 Group–exhibition ›HGB RUNDGANG 2014‹ with “The 99 Most Ultimate Definitive Best and Very Best Greatest Hits Vol. 1”, “a sequence collection effort – samples r2014” and “PS7-8-00063” (from the series ›rescue recoveries‹), Leipzig, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst (Academy of Visual Arts), Germany
2014 Group–exhibition “INTERSHOP” with “BEST BOY” at GfZK (Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst), Germany
2014 “VIA” (as part of “über 250 Jahre HGB”), Leipzig, Leipziger Buchmesse, Germany
2013 “THE VOID (2/4)”, group–exhibition “INTIMATE”, EIGEN+ART, Leipzig, Germany
2013 “trip/träume” (as part of “cultural clash nomade”), Duplex, Geneva, Switzerland
2013 Group–exhibition with “STREAM” at “cynetart – international festival for computer based art” at Hellerau – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden, Germany
2013 Publication in “2013 Gyeongnam International Photography Festival”, Gyeongnam, South–Korea 2013
2013 “betonbruch” (group exhibition), mobilat, Heilbronn, Germany
2013 Performance during work-presentation as source material for the class-project “Eine Arbeit” (“a work”), (modification and extension of “Die Arbeit” (“the work”), Rundgang at the Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig, Germany []
2013 “Enter The Void (1/4)”, Video-Istallation at the “Rundgang” 2013, Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig, Germany
2013 “Viaggio in Italia – Italienische Reise” (group exhibition), Atelierfrankfurt, Frankfurt []
2012 “VIA”, Viaggio in Italia (group exhibition), Werkshauhalle der Spinnerei, Leipzig (
2012 “Eine Umwanderung entlang des Bitterfelder Weges. Über Umwege.” / “No Miracles”, sprinhouse (group exhibition), Dresden
2012 “res obscura”, (group exhibition), Rundgang at the Academy of Vusiual Arts, Leipzig
2012 “NUOVA” (group exhibition), Mzin, Leipzig
2011 Booklaunch “NUOVA” (group exhibition), Studio 2o46, Berlin []
2010 “Monday Walks” (participant with Plan B), Leipzig
2009 “Ludwig Wittgenstein sagt …”, Humboldt–University, Berlin (
2008 “ohne titel”, Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften (Long Night of the Sciences), GWZ, Leipzig (
2007 “ENSÓ round:one”, Transvizualia Festival, Gdynia/Danzig, Poland
2007 “Erich-Weiß-Project” (group exhibition at WIP), Westwerk, Leipzig
2007 Screening “ENSÓ round:one”, Schaubühne Lindenfels, Leipzig
2007 “FELDER”, Naturkundemuseum (Museum of Natural Sciences, Leipzig (
2006 “Ich war noch niemals in New York”, (group exhibition), Zschochersche Strasse, Leipzig
2006 “slash”, Commerzbank, Leipzig
2006 “Werkraum”, (group exhibition), Leipziger Spinnerei, Leipzig
2005 “plan–stadt–platte”, Library Georg Mauerer, Leipzig
2004 “Bildschirmarbeit”, Kulturbundhaus, Leipzig


2016 Bookpresentation “-vers”, Kiosk, Schauspiel Leipzig, Leipzig
2013 Catalogue-design and publication “springhouse 2011-2013”, haus h, Dresden, Germany
2012 Publication in “secret”, edited by börne&worst, Berlin 
2012 “»extra« experimental trails – Festival for experimental film and video-art” (
2012 “FILZ – Filmische Initiative Leipzig” (group-project), Academy of Vusiual Arts, Leipzig (
2012 “KI/NO” (group-project), Academy of Vusiual Arts, Leipzig 2011 Vom Alltag zur Philosophie. Beschreibung einer Parabel, Faculty of Philosohpy
since 2008
2008 50/50(together with Juliane Richter), Rome
2008 Friday my friend (group project), Goethe Institute, Rome
2007–2008 Everything you always wanted to know about sandals – but were afraid to ask(together with Alla Schnell), Faculty of History of Art at the University of Leipzig
2007 Eshers optical illusions, Faculty of Philosophy at the Humboldt–University Berlin
since 2001