Hoyer, Ester

Constructing Beauty / 2005

Constructing Beauty

The history of the body has always been accompanied by aesthetic preferences. The perfectioning of the body and the attempt of approximating oneself to the associated clichés, that are created inter alia by the mass media, is something that effects all of us to the greatest possible extent. We are presented constantly with new developments for body design and rejuvenation strategies by the media. Are we on the way to a unitary-physiognomy, to a model controlled single figure?

The questioning of our society and the standards and aesthetic values that manifest therein, are of concern to me. The direct starting point for my work is the interest in the phenomenon of cosmetic improvements by means of plastic surgery and the enormous hype surrounding this field. Without making an assessment of this development, I am interested in how each member of our society perceives the body per se. How do these images change our perception of ourselves?

The engagement with perception and visualisation mechanisms as well as with the term ‘beauty’ is the main theme in this work. A theme in which culture and society is reflected and manifested.

Nudes 1 – 5

Lambda-Prints / each 175 x 107 cm / framed white / glass

Constructing Beauty

Constructing Beauty

Portraits 1 – 4

C-Prints / each 115 x 93 cm / white paper border / framed

Constructing Beauty

Constructing Beauty


Lambda-Print / 115 x 89,5 cm / white shadow border

Constructing Beauty

Explantate (Explants) / 2009/10

Lambda-Prints / 1 image 70 x 100 cm / framed / 3 images 45 x 70 cm

“Explantate”, two part work (sculptural and photographic)

The sculptural part of the work consists of a plump sculpture with thigh-fat-padding attached, a protruding stomach with rolls of fat on the sides, two knee-explants and an attractively designed double chin, all made from skin coloured silicone and placed on mobile frames similar to medical equipment.

In the photographic part of the work there are photographs of people who wear and use these sculptures. Naked and to a degree clothed, placed in front of a white background, the disproportion of the body as a result of the body attachments is presented.

Constructing Beauty

VENUS 2004 / 2003

Series of 4 photographs
Lambda-Prints / 70 x 82 cm / aluminium mounted



Within the Memory of Angelic Being / 2003

Lambda-Print / 90 x 105 cm / aluminium mounted

Within the Memory of Angelic Being

Xia_hai / 2001/02





*1974 in Leipzig/Saxony
lives and workes in Leipzig



2010 Meisterschülerausstellung, HGB Leipzig
2009 DOPPELT-SCHÖN, GRASSI Museum Leipzig
2008 Xia hai, F/STOP Fotofestival, Spinnerei Leipzig
2007 Land-Frauen-Welten, Museum für Preußische Geschichte, Potsdam