Schröder, Sebastian


Serie „VISUM BESTIARUM“ (2011) & „MEDIATOR“ (2011) & „O. T. (ca. 1988)“

Serie „VISUM BESTIARUM“ C-Prints, wooden frames, behind glass

„O. T. (ca. 1988)“ HD – Videoloop, 5:00 min.



PANTHERA ONCA (120cm x 95cm)

LEPUS EUROPAEUS (70cm x 50cm)


The Perforated Series / 2009

Photography / Installation

THE PERFORATED SERIES consists of several photographs. The photos in the series TREE I-V show the illuminated tree tops at the roadside of a business park.
The pictures were taken under exposed at night. So the light chains that wind along the branches of the tree tops appear as abstract perforative patterns out of the darkness.
If you look carefully you can recognise vegetable structures around the single light spots. In spite of regular chains of lights they define a space that you can experience and compare by a similar repetition of the photo motif and its presentation or hanging as a series. The pictures are presented in flat luminous boxes.

Plantations / 2008-2009


By the pulling down of the remaining parts of the settlements in the village of Großgrimma by the MIBRAG (Middle German Brown Coal Company) a landscape for a certain time is developed. 
In balance between settlement and mining products you can see traces of former human activity in the area of former villages in Saxony-Anhalt if you carefully look. 
Since 2008 the series PLANTATIONS is dedicated to the vegetable finds of former human existence inside the abandoned settlements. The remaining decorative and useful plants of old gardens and squares are today’s coordinates while looking at the past and point as a snapshot to the former inhabitants who have their homes somewhere else.

Toy Soldiers / 2008


„Diesmal nun wollen wir beweisen, dass wir mutig sind.
Wir schlafen allein ohne Licht im Zimmer.
Wir weinen nicht wenn wir mal hinfallen.
Wir fürchten uns nicht vor Schnee und toben bei der Schneeballschlacht richtig mit.“

For his work TOY SOLDIERS the artist Sebastian Schroeder, born in 1981 in the GDR, took his own toy soldiers and enlarged these „Portraits“ to human sized proportions.
Similar to a child who notices the world in an enlarged scale, the viewer is confronted with the surface of the rubber toy. One is now really noticing the faces of the toy figures, individual details and biographical traces for example worn out surfaces by frequent playing, rests of “war paintings”, dust and wear by the time.

Pose 28000 / 2008

Photography / Installation

The installation of photos „POSE 28000“ is an acting experiment to position oneself in a cosmos of existing plastic poses or to create and produce an own model pose. Miniature figures from several catalogues of the railway or architecture modelling are the basis therefore. The choice of different types of figures touches  the artist’s biography, wishes and dreams or special experience in a particular way. The positions and poses of the miniatures were set in scene in white underwear in front of the camera.

The so produced photographs unemotionally fixed to a grey wall and numbered like in the modelling catalogue now are used as a flipchart or visual help with the search for the own stereotype.

Besides the photos an also numbered catalogue and range list refers to  the background of the poses and renews, fulfills or dissappoints the expectations of the viewer. A white photo background installed in the showroom and a podium placed on this background invite the passive recipient to a search for its own distinctive pose or to invent one.


Sebastian Schröder

*1981 in Zwenkau


2011 “VISUM BESTIARUM” Diplomausstellung in der Galerie Artae Leipzig
2011 “SCHULFREI – Junge Leipziger Positionen” Kunsthalle Villa Kobe, Halle
2010 ““O!” Projektionsraum Romantik” Schloss Neu-Augustusburg, Weissenfels
2010 “Touch me!” Galerie Sylvia Bernhardt, Wiesbaden
2009  “UAMO – Kunstfestival” Kunstarkaden München
2009 “Das Böse ist ein Eichhörnchen” District Court, Leipzig
2009 “Die Ente bleibt draussen” class by Prof. Tina Bara
2008 “Personality – Hülle und Substanz” Tapetenwerk, Leipzig
2008 Rundgang, HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2007 Rundgang, HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2007 “Ding Und Unding (Something and Nothing”) Leipzig
2004 “Baracudaralley” Leipzig