Rossi, Nicolas

Flugfalten / 2011

Videoarbeit | HDV | 8:46 Min

The experimental video work is based of a research, which is named “The assertion of a straight line”. The main approach of the (Radical) constructivism (=a perception is never a copy of reality) leads to the consideration, how a line could ever become a straight line. The line appears in a paper airplane as well as in the act of making folds (=method of construction) as well as in terms of the flight path. The accelerating throw of the airplane during a consciously short-distanced flight path, shall allude to a preferably straight line of the flight. The final act of the manual and explicit unfolding of the single lines, points on a symbolic disproof of the untruly assertion.

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Von der aerodynamischen Anmutung / 2011

Object | mixed media | 15x15cm, 22x15cm

Made of rubber gloves, the silhouette is based on a stealth bomber – the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit – and is presented in a picture frame for butterflies, which is known from Asia shops. The art work was developed in the context of the exhibition “Gott und die Welt”, and refers on the imitation of nature by the sciences. The tiny display cabinet constitutes a certain absurd smack of this method of transformation, and calls attention to the fact, that sciences are increasingly relying on nativeness and nature. In addition, the art work is inspired by the standard souvenir, which is brought home by the tourists coming from French Guiana: the Morpho butterfly from the novel “Papillon” (Henri Charrière) in a picture frame. French Guiana with the Ariane rocket, has always been related with high-tech in a rather strange way.

Von der Einfachheit einer bloßen Tat / 2011

video work, HDV, 8:36 min.

The video treats the act of planting as a production process as well as in a metaphoric way of understanding. The single production steps to the point of the final good, start with the plantation and lead to the harvest, in which the human interference is shown in the manner of an transfer from this action to absurdity. The art work was developed in the context of the exhibition “Gott und die Welt”.

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Die Schwere der Leere / 2010

experimental video,  2:53 min. loop

The work “Die Schwere der Leere” (The Gravity of the Void) is concerned with signs of fatigue, which originate from the pressure to perform. This is allegorised as a gesture: Both protagonists are pulled downwards. Down, as a metaphor for the failure. The message should be intensified by presenting the setting as a decelerated video. This results in a kind of “gestural gymnastics”.

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Ich bin, du bist, er/sie/es sind, wir sind, ihr seid, sie sind / 2010

100 patches, 130 x 80 cm

The so-called „achievement-oriented society“ is primarily defined by the output of its member. Performance or archievements need to be disseminated in order to encourage other members. An emblem or patch is particularly suitable for that. Those patches are industrially manufactured – and thus an empty one constitutes solely a carrier medium. The blanks are nevertheless indivdual on closer inspection. It’s a matter of deviations – even though they seem to be identical with distance. They get their value not until getting the embroidery. Most of all, the work „Ich bin, du bist, er/sie/es sind, wir sind, ihr seid, sie sind” (I am, you are, he/she/it is, we are, you are, they are) refers to standards of identification and questions these standards in a exaggerated way.

Au fond bien vrai/-1:27 min. / 2009

experimental video, 1:27 min.

Basically, the sequence was not intended for a work. In an ordinary documentary production, these parts of a video shoot are cut away, and only the following part is useable. By going back to that video lump, the observation of such a documentary production is shown, even if that also means an uncovered artist. The video implies intentionally that self-referential character. The artist initiate a deconstruction of his own work in going back one step. That can also be seen as an abstraction, or maybe as an de-contextualization.

Following strategies of artists like Alexander Kluge and his concept of the “minor matter”, in which the displaced moves in the foreground, the work “au fond bien vrai/-1:27 min.” defies narrative conventions. First and foremost all out-faded subjects, with their imperfection of media construction, lead the self-referential and affirmative system of media and his conventions ad absurdum. Thus the self-referential nature of this work also tries to deconstruct the genres of the documentary. The authenticity is now lying just in front of the audience and beyond all question.

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recurrence / 2009

experimental video / 3:27 min. loop

Text: “Everything repeats itself. Even the repetitions repeat themselves. Fast fast faster. L`homme à la camera. Recurrence – the repetition of the same linguistic form in a text, how you said it. Is there ever a starting point? By the way. Why do we underline notes? Also, word chains are constructed. Why not cover the trace? How far from that can I disgress? Digging, or furthermore, the approach to authenticity. Because of the proximate message. Unit word chains. Word chains. Certificate pertaining to brilliant achievement. Faster”

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Exhibitions (selection)

2009 thoughts on revolution, Speck`s Hof Leipzig
2009 Klangland 09, art temple Kassel
2009 Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are, The National University of Arts Bucharest (Romania)
2010 screening, opp_effect // side effect, Syrian Video Art Festival, AllArtNow Gallery Damaskus (Syria)
2010 screening, Dialog of Cultures, Kirov Cultural Center in Murmansk (Russia)
2010 Absinth,die Gurken kommen – der Putsch, Bauhaus Universität Weimar
2010 Lichtbilder, 78. Kunsthistorischer Studierenden Kongress, JenTower Jena
2010 KunstlawineTeil III, Kunsthaus Erfurt
2010 paper works, PPZK gallery Leipzig
2010 performance “un-“ with experimental speech Leipzig, Skala Leipzig
2010 performance “un-“ with experimental speech Leipzig, Kammerspiele Leipzig
2010 Klangland 10, art temple Kassel
2010 co-founder of the association for intercultural exchange “PPZK”
2010 founder of the word-art collective “EXPERIMENTAL SPEECH LEIPZIG”2010 founder of the word-art collective “EXPERIMENTAL SPEECH LEIPZIG”
2010 Begehungen | Kunstfestival | Chemnitz
2011 Klangland | Sprache als Kunst | Kunsttempel | Kassel
2011 Wolken atmosphären die Fische | Kammerspiele | Leipzig
2011 Gott und die Welt | Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst|Leipzig