Schinkel, Björn

Until the Job is done.

The installation „Until the job is done” recounts the Iraq war of 2003 from an artistic point of view. The discussion about the political role and the work of civil governor’s L. Paul Bremer 3rd serve as a starting point. The installation consists of a reproduction of L. Paul Bremer’s desk sign, a photo and an audio collage.

Media Utopia – upcoming ideas

“Media Utopia” is a fictive media company. During the first installation it was presented as a showcase about the fusion of a content providing company with a satellite company. The performance took place at a conference room at the Leonardo Hotel in Leipzig, Germany and contained a performance play, a website, a flash animation (part of the website and Power Point presentation) and Power Point presentation.

Beirut Untitled

„Beirut Untitled“ is a photo work of 6 pieces about selected frames of a city landscape. Each of every fragment does not try to show an overview of the city of Beirut. Rather it leads the view on a conventionalized formatting picture language about cityscapes for tourists.


The artwork “Analogien” consists of a collection of about 70 pieces. The pictures deal with the phenomenon of self-similarity of systems and reflect about the development of patterns as a source for every system.



2009 “Das Böse ist ein Eichhörnchen” District Court, Leipzig
2008 “Downtown” UNESCO, Beirut, Lebanon
2008 “Bahnhof” Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2007 performance “Media Utopia”, Hotel Leonardo, Leipzig
2006 “Wonderland” art-gallery of HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig