Weinert, Carolin

where’s the puss / 2009

series of 3 etchings, (in the range of) 16,5 x 20,5 cm

There’s a puss hidden in these pictures. Can you find it?

F9 / 2008

seven diatrans in lightboxes, 76 x 60 cm

The title F9 references the safety, that the gaming Ego gets from the possibility of the fast load. So I can cheat death and always look my best.

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HD video / 09:47 min /soundless

I’m falling again and again. The companion dog joins me and imitates my falling with the dead pose. He’s dominating the scenario, cartoons thereby my failure. And time does, what time wants.

I got a theory / 2007

HD video /  09:47 min

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Nowadays an artistically busy, but nevertheless young woman should be engaged in gender studies, even in her spare time. While I am reading on a bench about these theories, a simulated rain starts pouring down on me.

dyson / 2009

Performance / 38:24 min / documentary video

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My performance consists of me blowing  the entrance of a shabby building right up to the former noble stairs clean. I keep creeping for six lines of 20 metres and puff coughing away pigeon dirt, debris and decades of dust.



2010 “99” Im Namen des Raumes, Berlin
2010 “SITZ!” Artium Kunstsalon, Bad Honnef
2010 “100 Sächsische Grafiken” Neue Sächsische Galerie, Chemnitz
2009 “Corporal Identities” Asienhaus, Essen
2009 “reclaiming the city – entersection” Galerie Durchlauferhitzer, Halle


2011 “Na Hoi Island” Tapetenwerk, Leipzig


Neue Sächsische Galerie