Auerbach, Maria

copy complete / 2015

8:23 min, 2015

The experimental film ‘copy complete’ focuses the cinematic presentations of the computer in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Sequences with computers are accompanied by split screens together into a collage as a journey back to the origin of the digital era.


Wenn der Wind weht (When the Wind Blows) / 2012

mixed media, duration variable



visitor takes a look


This object plays with expectations and voyeurism:
mostly the inside of the box is dark, but sometimes you can see what’s in it for such a very short time, that you have to stay longer and wait for the next phase of light.

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Partitur 1.0 / 2011

Audio,  2:55 min

This experimantal music is the product of a workshop called „Partituren“. To create this piece of music I took a well known pop song and split it into five music tracks, one for vocal, one for the piano and so on. Than I slow the velocity for four times. After this I asked 7 student to sing the melodie by their ears and recorded their singing. I fasten this records four times again.
And the outcome of this experiment you can hear below:


Vordiplom / 2010

film, 1:48 min

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BODEN_LOS / 2010

wood & threads  in room with glazed door

Wandel / 2009

film, 0:44 min

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* 1985 in Wismar


2012 »Don’t You Care« la Grange, Bergen
2012 »Rundgang 2012« HGB Academy of Visual Arts
2011 »Jeunesse dorée« tamtamART, Berlin
2011 »Gott und die Welt« HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
»BODEN-LOS« Conrad Leipzig