Introspections / 2008

Exhibition from the classes of Tina Bara and Alba D’Urbano of the HGB, Leipzig in Galerie Doppel De, Dresden

These examinations and reflections should be projected onto “the self” of the observer, and in this way portraits, the image of man and the execution of acts, go beyond into general themes of everyday life: the fight for recognition, the overcoming of doubt, the approach to ageing, the urgency of art, the omnipresence of media, specific socialisation experiences, to name a few. A joint installation with self-portrayal through media such as photography and video was presented, as well as own individual works, extracts from diploma works as well as from the postgraduate studies.

Photos by Andreas Ullrich and the artists

Participating Artists

Bergelt, Sven   Busies, Kathleen    Brückmann, Georg    Dampmann, Natalie    Eschelor, Judith Miriam Frey, Peter & Kontje, Angela Hurtig, Stefan Huth, Susanne     Jad, Oxana Kammer, Reiko Klose, Franziska    Klose, Katja
Krause, Julia Morgenstern, MarleneSchubert, Sandra    Sing, Juli Standke, Yvonne    Ullrich, Andreas Waniek, Angelika