Dankert, Linda

Zwischenraum / 2010

Prints on foil, aluminium  tubes, nylon threads

The work is composed of seventy black and white photographies printed on foil which are arranged in a row and form a four meter tube, hung down from the ceiling.The motif shows a woman only wearing a fencing helmet. She is moving to the centre from two directions being confronted with herself in the middle of the tube. Because of the transparency of the foils and the movement of the observer, various perspectives and spaces open up, depending on the viewers´s point of view.


Linda Dankert

*1984 in Überlingen, Germany


2007 circular gallery, Spinnerei Leipzig
2007 d21 „salon 2007“ , Leipzig
2008 circular galery, HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
2008 A° exhibition, KUB, Leipzig
2009 Westbesuch, Westwerk, Leipzig
2010 boden_los, Leipzig
2010 aspik, Werkschauhalle, Leipzig