Some parallel situations


Situation.00 was an installation, in collaboration with the HGB student council, that addressed the unresolved issues of financial cutbacks and the shortage of space at the HGB.
The intermedia class reconstructed plasterboard walls, taken from classroom 232a, and outlined a classroom in the atrium of the academy as a space for actions of resistance by the student council to take place.

The plasterboard walls were originally from an installation in the intermedia classroom for the 2016 Rundgang. This installation was a recreation of the shape of the classroom, but rotated 30°. From February 2016 until February 2018 class took place within this augmented space.


Situation.01, an.archive, was an exhibition with and about the HGB archive for the 20th anniversary of its re-establishment. The exhibition dealt with the holdings of the 1997 re-established archive under the direction of Julia Blume. It showed works by students from the intermedia class, which illuminated several potentials of an archive: that which is perceived and that which is not preserved and the thereby possible interpretation and construction of history.

The exhibition took place on the ground floor in the east wing of the HGB. Performative guided tours were provided in the library, AV laboratory and rooms of archive.


Situation.02 was a photographic action where participants, after visiting the HGB gallery, had the opportunity to visit a souvenir shop of the special kind: where they found individual souvenirs in 2D and color! Visitors had the opportunity to buy photographs of themselves, which were taken by a remote controlled hidden camera in the HGB gallery, similar to the fashion photographs are taken of guests at an amusement part on a rollercoaster during their peak experience.


Situation.03 was a series of performative actions, which took place in the intermedia classroom 232a. Throughout the entire duration of the Rundgang visual, participatory and auditory performative actions took place, which emphasized transience and process. The following students from the HGB and the HTWK participated: Linus Bonduelle, Deveny Faruque, Sabine Fischer, Maike Hautz and Martina La Bonté with Jule, Anne, Sibylle, Maria and Fine, Carlotta Jacobi, Steph Joyce, Helena Kühnermann, Ida Lothar, Tina Macha, Robin Palme, Melody Panosian, Livius Pápay, Raha Rezaei, Annika Stoll and Maya Strobbe.


Situation.04 was a small installation in the hallway outside of the classroom with various art works, including videos, photographs, installations, postcards and a performative food-installation.

Photos by Livius Papay, Changan Son