intermedial exhibition project by the hgb // 30.01. - 13.02.2009

Front Deutscher Äpfel

installation view

The art initiative Front Deutscher Äpfel ("German Apple Front") was founded in 2004 in Leipzig as a reaction to the Nazi marches initiated by Christian Worch during the regional elections in Saxony. Holger Apfel, leader of the extreme right-wing NPD political party, which had for the first time been elected for the parliament of Saxony, provided the initiative's name (his surname meaning "apple" in German). With this fruit the F.D.Ä. attempts to shed a light on the civil activities of the New Right by means of satire.

The motivation of Nazis today is simple: the emphasis of the allegedly social-revolutionary dimension of Nazi Ideology is used to address young people with a certain rebellious attitude in particular. To achieve this, the right-wingers also make use of formerly emancipatory symbols as well as a growing graffiti movement.

The well-known reactionary views (xenophobia, intolerance, forcible coordination of all parts of society), which are obscured behind the outer appearance, the "sheep's clothing" instead of loutish flight jackets, shaven heads and steel-capped boots, are effectively and at the same time playfully exposed by the Apple Front, by parodying symbols - red armbands, flags, and other Nazi paraphernalia - and respectively filling them with nonsensical content on the theme of fruits.