First Installation: 15.01.1996 Last update: 24.08.1999

Aitken, Doug/Dean Kuipers: Loaded 5x (ada'web Web Project, since March 1997)

Anderson, Laurie: The Green Room (Web Project)

aMAZEingweb Anerkennung als eine der besten Web Sites auf der Ars Electronica Linz 1995

Art d'Ameublement * Rena Tangens und padeluun


Baker, Rachel: TESCO solicitors letter to IRATIONAL.ORG

Baker, Rachel: TM LOYALTY

Bartels, David: arrangements (ada'web Web Project, since July 1996)

Bizovichar, David: Voyager Installation (Web Project)

Blair, David: Waxweb (Web Project) January 1994, one of the first Web Projects in W3

Barbara Aselmeier/Joachim Blank/ Armin Haase/Karl-Heinz Jeron/: Handshake (1993; before WWW)

Blank, Joachim/Sermon, Paul: Heaven

Blank, Joachim /Karl Heinz Jeron: without addresses (dX-web project, June 1997)

Blank, Joachim /Karl Heinz Jeron: Good Browser/Bad Browser(1997)

Blank, Joachim /Karl Heinz Jeron: Dump your trash! (April 1998)

Brown, Tony: Plattegrond

Bunting, Heath:

Bunting, Heath: CCTV: A World Wide Watch - Closed Circuit Television

Cho, Helen: Quiet Forces

Cokes, Tony: Kunstprojekte

Coniglio, Mark

Cosic, Vuk: documenta X (Raubkopie) since September 1997


CyberTattoo - the virtual tattoo parlour

D'Agostino, Peter: Traces of the Atomic Age (Web Project)

Davis, Douglas: The World's First Collaborative Sentence (Web Project, 1994)

davixxx___::: M I A U ~select

Delbrügge/de Moll: Hamburg Ersatz 1.0 (April 1998 - März 1999)

Devos, Denny: Club Moral Homepage (Web Project)

Devos, Denny: Daders van Dodingen, 1996 (Web Project)

Devos, Denny: Projekt 'De Rode Poort' (Web Project)


Donegan, Cheryl

Dreiblatt, Arnold: Memory Arena (1997) (Web Project)


Extension: Preisträger

Farrell, Susan: Art Crimes

Fenley, Molissa: Latitudes

Ferguson, Gerald: The Standard Corpus of Everyday English Language Usage (Web Project)

Frenkel, Vera: Body Missing (A fascinating web project - one of my favorites, 1996)

Friese, Holger/Max Kossatz: Antworten (seit 31.5.1997)

Frommel, Oliver: Frames

Gates, Jeff

Gates, Jeff: In Our Path (Web Project)

Geismar, Jørg (Web Project)

General Idea: Screen Saver (Web Project)

Gerz, Jochen: Pluralskulptur (Web Project)

Gillison, David: Crater Mountain Project (Web Project)

Goldberg, Ken: The Telegarden (Web Project)

Green, Renée: Flow

Group Z, Belgium

Grubinger, Eva: C@C Computer Aided Curating (Web Project, since 1994)

Grubinger, Eva: Netzbikini (Web Project)

Grzinic, Maria/Smid, Aina: Axis of Life

Guerilla Girls (Web Project)


Hergueta, Mario: IN THE TEXT

Hergueta, Mario: STOP MAKING SENSE

Hergueta: PNC

Holzer, Jenny: please change belief! (Web Project, since May 1995)

Huber, Felix Stephan /Pocock, Philip: Arctic Circle (Web Project, )

Huber, Felix Stephan /Pocock, Philip: Tropic of Cancer (1995)

Huber, Felix Stephan /Pocock, Philip: OtherLands (dX-Web Project, June 1997)

Internationale Stadt e.V. (Web Project - a fascinating collective project; 1994-1.4.1998) (Web-Premiere: 8. August 1995 - March 1999)

Jodi: Re-Your Page (Moobird)

Jodi Office ( at irational)

Jodi Moscow

Jodi: %20Demo (at ada'web)

Lialina, Olga: war

Lewis, Mark: The Mondrian Machine

Matsuba, Stephen N.: Constructs and Meme-ingThree Dimensions

McCollum, Allan: Reprints (Web Project)

Meierhofer, Christine: Auftragsdiebstahl ... Order A Theft

Muntadas, Antonio: The File Room Censorship Archive Home Page ( since March 1994)

Nechvatal, cybertheque

Nechvatal, Joseph 1

Nechvatal, Paris

Tony Oursler/Constance DeJong: Fantastic Prayers (Web Project)

Pool Processing: Imaginäre Bibliothek

Ray, Tom: Tierra

Redl, Erich: truth is a moving target

Ritchie, Mathew: The Hard Way(Web Project, Part 1: since September 1996, part 2: since March 1997))

Rollins,Tim and K.O.S.: Prometheus Bound

Rosen Sculpture Exhibition

Salomon, Deborah: I m a g e s ( larger than ) 1:1

Peter Santino: Failure Institute (Web Project)

Julia Scher: Welcome to Securityland (Web Project, ada'web; Trailer: Febr. 1995; Site: November 1995)

Julia Scher: Konsent Klinik (Web Project, since January 1997)

Julia scher: wonderland (Web Project, since April 1997)

Julia Scher: Freaklab (Audio-Website, Mai 1998)

Selbo, Vivian: vertical blanking interval (Web Project, since December 1996)

Alexeij Shulgin: Refresh

Alexeij Shulgin: Internet Gold Medal

Shulgin, Alexeij: Desktop

John Simon jr.: Alter Stats (Web Project)

John Simon jr.: Every Icon (Web Project)

Nina Sobell/Emily Hartzell (Web Project)

Skibell, Harris/ Horowitz, Damon: Snuff

Station Rose

SYNERGY: HyGrid (Web Project by Ed Stastny)


Tyson, Keith: Replicators

Westbank Industries: Core Wars Betting Hill Home Page

Vezna, Victor: Virtual Concrete

Vesna, Victor: Bodies© INCorporated

Wakkary, Ron: Encyclopedia (Web Project)

Weiner, Lawrence: Dye Marker Thrown into the Sea (Web Project, since September 1996))

Westbank Industries: Core Wars Betting Hill Home Page


Wilson, Joseph /Mary Keefe O'Brien: Subject To Stress (Web Project)

Wohlgemuth, Eva/Kathy Rae Huffman: Sibirian Deal

Wohlgemuth, Eva/Schiemek, Hanna: The Diana Digest

Young, Carey


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