X-Sender: beweil@dci-studio.com
Date: 12 Jan 1988
To: Hans Dieter Huber <huber@hgb-leipzig.de>
From: beweil@adaweb.com (Benjamin Weil)
Subject: Re: History of Adaweb

>1.) I would like to know the dates when your different web projects were launched (out of art historical reasons; please try to remember exact, day, month, year, if possible):

>Jenny Holzer: Please Change Beliefs
(May 1995)
>Julia Scher: Welcome to Securityland!
(Trailer: feb 1995; Securityland: November 1995; Konsent Klinik: January 1997; Wonderland: April 1997)
>David Bartels: Arrangements
(July 1996)
>Lawrence Weiner: Homeport
(September 1996)
>Vivian Selbo: Vertical Blanking Interval
(December 1996)
>Doug Aitken/Dean Kuipers: Loaded 5x
(Marcdh 1997)
>Matthew Ritchie: The Hard Way
(part 1 Sept. 1996, part 2: march 1997)

>2.) Also I am interested in the hits you count on the *first* page of these web projects per month. (You can send me this dates later, because it may take you some time to figure this out).

that will indeed take a lot of time. it varies also quite al ot. we have a hit range of 35 to 1000.000 per day for the whole site with even peaks that go beyond (our record high being 160.000 and our record low being 18.000) so you would have to be a little more precise in your request, if possible.

>3.) In your first letter you spoke of your first online project which was up in late fabruary 1995. Which one was it?

almost simultaneously: "the amorphous body study center" by Charles Long (the site was actually derived from an exhibition developed in collaboration with Stereolab, and the "Securityland" trailer by Julia Scher.

>4.) Have you already succeeded in turning ada 'web into a foundation? Or are you still working on that turn?

we have actually stopped that effort, as it seems like our corporate parent would be willing to support us without turning us into a foundation (it is a matter of tax and ownership issues)

>5.) In may 1997 you wrote:
>>>2.) How many persons are momentarily concerned with adaweb?
>>currently, 3 producers work on ada 'web. there is also a business
>>development person, and myself. we also have 4 interns who work part time,
>>and a part time business and public relations person.
>>*vivian selbo (at ada since the summer of 1995; she is an artist and also
>>produced a web project of her own, "vertical blanking interval"
>>*ainatte inbal (at ada since july 1996. her background is in art
>>criticism. she was formerly taking care of long distance teaching at the
>>new school, using the web as a "virtual classroom")

NEW: ainette is now working part time with ada' web, as she is sutdying at the Interactive Telecommunication Program at New york University)

>>*cherise fong (at ada since september 1996; she is a web designer, and
>>worked before at the cicv - a french artist in residence program. their
>>web site is at http://www.cicv.fr)
>>business development:
>>*andrea scott (at ada since september 1995; she worked as an art
>>consultant, building private and corporate art collections. she has also
><curated exhibitions)
>>curatorial: myself.
>>business and public relations: cheryl kaplan (at the studio since january
>>1997; she coordinates business and pr. for the studio at large - including
>>ada 'web)

NEW: no longer with ada' web




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