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Digital materiality

Lazy creatives and hard‑working machines!?

Engaging critically and experimentally with the materialism of the digital sphere is central to the teaching of Prof. Mitra Wakil and Prof. Fabian Hesse.

The critical evolution of post-digital artistic research and sustainable material processes centres around developing artistic practices through the interplay of analogue and digital workflows and their translational processes. Through engaging with theory and practical experimentation, we explore technologies that both characterise time and have the potential to shape it.

As a transdisciplinary classroom, the workshop allows students to work on individual and collaborative projects and using the machine pool. Here, seminars and individual supervision take place, as well as workshops and presentations carried out by students and guests. The workshop is a place for exchange and discussion, providing a space for artistic experimentation and creation, which goes beyond as well as against conventional ways of using technologies.

The workshop focuses on digital fabrication techniques: several 3D printers are available for fused deposition modelling, including multi-material printing. This allows for the creation of sculptures and elements combined in completely new ways. Using stationary and mobile 3D scanners, digital copies of objects can be created for further processing while state‑of‑the‑art workstations allow for workflows with 3D modelling and sculpting in virtual space. Using digital painting and the possibilities of photo rendering, different procedures can be combined in hybrid scenarios. Rigging objects gives them a temporal dimension which can then be turned into 3D animations or renderings. In this way, students can create worlds for augmented and virtual reality or for gaming, and develop applications of artificial intelligence for their artistic projects.

We also encourage students to apply for the post-graduate Meisterschüler:innen and EU Erasmus programme.

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3D-Scan 3D XR Werkstatt für Digitale Fabrikation