Photography and Media class
Florian Weber
Inkjet Print, 45x75cm, 2018
Fine Arts class, Helmut Mark
Experimental short film in collaboration with Andrea Rüthel, 04:50' (Screenshot)
Photography in the Field of Contemporary Art
Mare Yamazoe
Room-installation: Globes, Perforated Metalstrip, Aluminium-packages, 2019
Foundational Course Photography
Ronny Aviram
From the series "Schatten"
C-print, 50 × 70 cm, 2018
System Design class, Maureen Mooren
On the Antilibrary
Painting and Printmaking class, Michael Riedel
Georg Thanner, Charlotte Kray, Sophie Eisenhut
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Am Strand #3
Painting class with cross-media alignment
30 x 24 cm Paint, latex, silicone on canvas
Painting and Printmaking class, Annette Schröter
Rundgang Exhibition 2020
Installation and Space class, Joachim Blank
o.T. Autobahn
o.T. Autobahn Operation Grenze, Marienborn (2017)
Typography class
On Liquid Grounds
Publikation von Gerrit Brocks mit Texten von Damian Christinger, entstanden im Seminar „On Liquid Grounds“ im Wintersemester 2020/2021 betreut von Krispin Heé und Larissa Kasper 45 Seiten, Englisch, 15,8 × 21,0 cm, Softcover, Rückendrahtheftung