First Installation: 10.7.1997 Last update: 02.02.2004

 12. January 2000 I changed the background to white, the letters to black and included a new logo (a photograph of a lamp designed by Hans Dieter Huber in 1987). The concept is to get grayer and grayer every year. The old starting page as it was before 1.1.2000 was included into the archive.
 18. December 1999  Major changes and reorganisations of the site. The general information files were included into a folder named "info". Artists, Newsgrous, EJournals, Mailing List were excluded and added to the Archive.
 23. November 1998 Grössere Umbaumaßnahmen. Generelle Umstellung auf deutsche Sprache. Umbau der internen Unterteilung von Schriften (Unterteilung in vier veschiedene Sprachen: deutsch, englisch, französisch und schwedisch).
 9. November 1998 The new file Online-Lectures was added. It contains scripts of various online-lectures and presentations.
 February 1998  ARTNINE has moved from its original place in Heidelberg to Leipzig onto the server of the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst where I became professur of art history in October 1997. I changed all the endings to .html and small letters. It is planned that my writings are excluded from the ARTNINE project and go to a separate place.
 10. July 1997 After a long semester term with much Internet surfing, an online- Vorlesung and an online- seminar I decided to change the layout of ARTNINE radically into a more minimal appearance. I couldn't see coloured backgrounds, blinking bullshit and Java applets anymore. I added a frame for a more convenient handling of the different pages. I improved HTML-writing with some basic JavaScript commands. Then I removed ARTNINE from its former common location with the pages of the Kunsthistorisches Institut Heidelberg to indicate the coming separation of the two.
7. April 1997 PREVIEW (The New EJournal) was changed into THE ARTNINE JOURNAL and altered its layout into more minimalistic appearence. This gave the prototype for the radical re-design in July 1997.
 3. November 1996  I changed the background of my homepages. I found an old photograph which I took of a spiral staircase in an observation tower in the Pfälzer Wald nearby. It reminded me of a '9' and so I thought it would fit very well to 'ARTNINE'. Also I deleted LECTURES, because it caused too much work to keep up to date for one person. Here is a view of the old background of ARTNINE.
 15. Februar y1996  I started PREVIEW, an online journal, which was intended as an online publication experiment for electronically publishing art historical articles before they were printed in order to have a previous scholarly discussion.
 15. January 1996  ARTNINE was founded by Hans Dieter Huber in 1995. Its webpremiere was January, 15, 1996. It was established during November and December 1995 in connection and cooperation with the Kunsthistorisches Institut Heidelberg as a special research center and a research tool for contemporary art. Nevertheless it contained a lot of general informations, like a list of all art historical institutes in Germany, Switzerland and Austria or a list of mailing lists and interesting newsgroups.
Here you can see the old version of ARTNINE as it was designed before 10. July 1997. But note that the links are no more updated.

Hans Dieter Huber