Photography and Media Class, Joachim Brohm

On the basis of the reality describing function of photography the class offers the complete range of possibilities of a contemporary orientation within the field of photography and media. An important focus is on the notion of the documentary and its critical examination in the context of current issues. The new positioning of photography within today's rapid visual culture necessarily raises certain questions: How can the medium work productively with reality? Which thematic strategies and which media are suitable and effective?

These questions are subjected to intensive discussion with reference to students' work, in one to one and group talks as well as class presentations. This involves dealing with contemporary art in the form of field trips to exhibitions, publications and guest lectures. The choice of creative media is open. Photography can no longer be defined without regarding digital and hybrid technologies on an equal footing to the classical analogue method. The students pursue thematic concerns of their own election, while consulting with the instructors on individual concepts and procedures, in the development of an individual artistic language. There is a broad range of possible pictorial and presentation forms - from classical photography to digital images, videos and installations. The contact with other classes, lecturers and foreign universities is a staple part of the course, both in the form of individual exchanges and of co-operative projects and courses.