Media Art

Konspiration, exhibition view, Kunsthalle der Sparkasse, 2015
Object is Mediation and Poetry, exhibition view, Grassi-Museum, 2015
Fachklasse Mark at "Rundgang 2018"
Vision and Fear Station, exhibition view, gfzk 2015

Creating fine art while incorporating all media as artistic material lies at the heart of this programme. Contemporary art maintains a critical relationship with image production in society, for example in film, online or in public spaces. This programme uses the freedom of art and its tools— conceptually, procedurally, performatively and experimentally. Acquiring communication and organisational skills as well as developing own works with artistic foundations and in relation to contemporary social questions contribute to forming an individual artistic position. Group work and projects, excursions and exhibitions are also part of the interdisciplinary nature of Media Art.

After the two-year foundational course with Peggy Buth and Christian Lahr, the students decide between one of four specialist classes: Intermedia under Alba D’Urbano, Installation and Space under Joachim Blank, Fine Arts under Helmut Mark and Expanded Cinema under Clemens von Wedemeyer. In addition, students are also free to take advantage of the know-how of the artistic and scientific lecturers and make the most of the workshops: students can, for example, use an audiovisual lab or get help and advice on how to programme complex applications.